Sunday, August 22, 2010

EWI: 3 Reasons Now is Not the Time to Speculate in Stocks

3 Reasons Now is Not the Time to Speculate in Stocks
Should You Speculate in Stocks?
Perhaps the number one precaution to take at the start of a deflationary crash is to make sure that your investment capital is not invested “long” in stocks, stock mutual funds, stock index futures, stock options or any other equity-based investment or speculation. That advice alone should be worth the time you spent to read this book.

It's Enough to Simply Beat the Market: Fact or Myth?
The goals of investing should be (1) to keep money and (2) to make money. Money managers who successfully protect your capital and make money for you in changing environments are truly serving you. Those whose goal is to beat the S&P will eventually serve you up.

Stock Market Insight: Will Bears Turn Up the Volume?
Are Bulls Tired?
If trading volume increases on the major stock exchanges, will price movements be up or to the downside? So far this month, trading volume has been even slower than the typically slow trading month of August.

Wheat Prices Wither On Weather: Wary, Wary Oh Contrary

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