Monday, November 8, 2010

Coming Soon The Workshop Combo Technical Analysis (CTA) Saham: November-Desember 2010

Check Out All Details (Basic - Intermediate; Including The Prices):

Advanced (Level 1 - III):

Basic elements of Elliott Wave Theory. 
Assumptions Of Elliots Wave
Concepts Of Waves
Classification Of Waves
Motive And Corrective Waves
Fibonacci Numbers
Fibonacci Retracements
Fibonacci Time Targets Basic Elements of Cycles Theory.
Amplitude, length, phase, harmonicity, synchronicity, left and right translation, detrending.
Gartley Wave
Volatility Wave

Basic elements of Gann Theory.
Definition And Significance Of Gann Theory Historical Background And Time Orientation
Assumptions And Features Of Gann Theory Concepts Of Gann Time Analysis
Concepts Of Gann Price Discovery
Gann Calendar Day Frequencies
Gann Solar Time And Natural Time Frequencies
Gann Emblem
Gann Angles And Gann Squares.
The Wheel within the wheel – understanding circular time
Trading Psychology – What you must learn to be profitable
Natural Squares Calculator
Trading Psychology – More rules for profitability
Mathematical harmony and its effect on the market
W. D. Gann’s Master Time Factor

Market Profile™ including Construction, TPO, Point of control, value Area, Normal Day, Trend Day, Double Distribution Day, Neutral Day, Non Trend Day

Learn How To Use: 
Weekly Gann Cycle and fibonacci retracement ratio 
Gann's Time/Price Calculator 
Gann Cardinal

Gann Hexagon

Gann Wheel

Market Profile (can adjust based on time of each cities in the world)

Derivatives Oscilator & Gann

Neowave Analysis

Elliott Waves

Perbandingan Harga Training W.D Gann Analysis di UK:
Master Timing Course
Price £2995, Duration 1 day
Square of 9 Course
Price £3500, Duration 1 day
Advanced Gann Techniques Including Astro Timing and Forecasting
Price From £9995, Duration by agreement

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