Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update Daily Investment News 23-02

Oil May Surge to $220 If Libya, Algeria Halt, Nomura Says (2)

 Indonesia Stocks: AKR Corporindo, Bumi Resources, Indofood CBP

US House Prices To Continue Falling: Economist

'Ask Warren Buffett' on Squawk Box: Send Us Your Questions Here

End of Market Selloff Not in Sight Yet

Saudi Arabia Uprising Could Mean $140-Plus Oil

Iran Tensions Good News for Dollar?

Written by India Forex
The Eurusd touched higher 1.3702 yesterday. Looking ahead today, Eurozone Industrial New Orders M/M Dec expected -1.00% vs 2.10%. Immediate resistance comes at 1.3760 while immediate support is seen at 1.3644 levels. Short term: Slight bullish and Medium term: Bearish.
GBP/USD: The Sterling (1.6168) has risen from its low of 1.6101. The BOE minutes release is due today which might cause volatility in market. Daily stochastic is showing downside. Immediate support is at 1.6084(Daily 21 Middle Bollinger) while resistance comes at 1.6278 (21 upper Bollinger in daily chart). Short term: Neutral and Medium term: Bearish.
USD/JPY: The JPY strengthened to trade near 82.62 levels after some safe haven flows due to risk aversion. Yesterday Moody gave a negative outlook. Merchandise Trade Balance showed first deficit in 22 months at 0.19T during January on stronger Yen. Immediate Support is at 82.35 (50% Daily Fibo) while immediate strong resistance is at 82.80 levels (200 H4 EMA). Yen Exporters are suggested to book Dec and Jan month's exposure on dips near 82.50 levels and Yen Importers can cover their exposure above 83.20 levels. Medium Term: Maintain Bearishness.
AUD/USD: The Aussie failed to sustain the break below the parity and has bounced back from its low of 0.9965. The broader bullish sentiment remains intact. The important Support level at 0.9860(21-Weekly EMA) to watch on the downside. Broadly the pair has been ranged between 0.9860 to 1.0200 levels. Exporters are suggested to book partially above 1.0100 levels and Importers can cover their exposure on dips. Medium term: Bullish.
Gold : The yellow metal was hovering near $ 1400 levels after some profit booking. Global concerns still weighed on the safe heaven metal. Overall it traded with a low of $1392 and high of $1406.50 yesterday. Immediate resistance is at $1410 levels while immediate support comes near $1396 levels followed by $ 1383 levels. Daily Stochastics is showing downside movement. Medium term: Maintain bullishness.
Dollar Index: The US dollar index is currently trading at 77.69 levels down by 0.15% despite better consumer confidence and manufacturing data yesterday. Market will be focused on Existing Home Sales data which is expected to show stable signs near previous 5.28 M. Immediate support comes at 77.43 while resistance at 77.87 followed by 78.00 levels. Medium Term: Slight Bullish.

Written by FXtechtrade

Today's support: - 1.3584(main), where correction is possible. Break would give 1.3567, where correction also may be. Then follows 1.3542. Break of the latter would result in 1.3518. If a strong impulse, we would see 1.3489. Continuation will give 1.3450. Today's resistance: - 1.3728 and 1.3749(main). Break would give 1.3770, where a correction is possible. Then goes 1.3795. Break of the latter would result in 1.3818. If a strong impulse, we'd see 1.3841. Continuation will give 1.3866.
Today's support: - 82.32(main). Break would bring 82.11, where correction is possible. Then 82.03, where a correction may also happen. Break of the latter will give 81.88. If a strong impulse, we would see 81.65. Continuation would give 81.43 and 81.22.
Today's resistance: - 83.08, 83.54, 83.70 and 83.94(main), where a correction may happen. Break would bring 84.13, where also a correction may be. Then 84.34. If a strong impulse, we would see 84.48. Continuation will give 84.60.
Today's support: - 12126.40(main), where a delay and correction may happen. Break of the latter will give 12093.75, where correction also can be. Then follows 12068.30. Be there a strong impulse, we shall see 12045.76. Continuation will bring 12014.20. Today's resistance: - 12240.00(main), where a delay and correction may happen. Break would bring 12263.44, where a correction may happen. Then follows 12285.14, where a delay and correction could also be. Be there a strong impulse, we'd see 12306.82. Continuation would bring 12341.23. 

Written By Admiral Forex
Currency pair EUR/USD
Probably, as the wave (i) of [iii] the wedge 3-3-3-3-3 is formed. If the assumption is true, the Zigzag v of (i) now develops. At the same time, it is clear, that the wedge with such formula can appear simply Triple Zigzag (x) of [ii]. In such case it is necessary to pass to the alternative variant of the labelling.

Currency pair GBP/USD.
Presumably, the impulse is formed? an of (y) of [ii]. If the assumption is true, as its development it is possible to expect continuation of falling of pair

Currency pair USD/JPY.
While the pair remains within the limits of the forecast. Presumably, the price has started development of the impulse [iii] of 5. If it so within the limits of its complete set, it is possible to expect continuation of descending movement.
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