Sunday, March 6, 2011

@80%-90% Proven Accuracy With EW + Gann + SMA

IHSG Gann Price & Time Daily
IHSG 60 Minutes: upside limited to breakout 3.550, in a overbought
IHSG 240 Minutes: could managed to breakout 3.550 for target 3.620/3.700 on stochastic crossing buy
DJIA 5 Minutes: rebound in oversold for the opening market
DJIA 240 Minutes: Bearish mode + stochastic crossing sell
Oil Daily: In overbought, a limited upside
Gold 240 Minutes: In overbought, a limited upside
USD-IDR Weekly: strong sell signal
EUR-USD Daily: Overbought for sell on rally intraday

N225 Japan Hourly: overbought & should be correct lower further
HSI Hong Kong 4-Hour: a triangle pattern, to correcting lower

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