Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Investing Like Buffett: 5 Ways to Achieve Legendary Returns

People are always interested to hear what Warren Buffett has to say about the current state of the economy, but what everyone actually cares about is how he continues to achieve such amazing returns after all this time. Of course he’s always willing to impart pieces of his wisdom to the public, but sometimes they sound like cryptic messages from the future, while others are crystal clear to understand. Unfortunately, a conceptual understanding of what he says is very different than turning his thoughts into sound investment principles and actions. This is why we have pinpointed five easy Buffett investment principles, which build upon each other, that hopefully will help the everyday investor to achieve better returns.

1. Be a Bear Market Investor
2. Invest in What the World Needs
3. Fundamental Analysis and Due Diligence
4. Pricing Power beats Sound Management
5. Patience


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