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Weekend Alert: March 19th 2011. Will It Rock on The World Market Again on Early Next Week???

Ahead of SUPER MOON (circa +/- 1 Day - March 19th 2011): 
Today 18th Moon Signal before Super Moon 19th March
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Here is that list again, with one significant astrological addition. Notice in red how often the quakes happen exactly on a first and last quarter aspect when the Earth and Moon are squared at 90 degrees. What is more significant is plotting how close significant earthquakes episodes happen within a week of a New Moon or a Full Moon aspect:

Great Kanto (Tokyo) Quake, 1 September 1923, Magnitude 7.9
The Sun was in Virgo (an earth sign, meaning earthquakes) opposed Uranus in Pisces shaking and burning down Tokyo five days after the Full Moon on August 27.

Honshu, Japan, 2 March 1933, Magnitude 8.4
Uranus was in Aries, at that time, which was six days past New Moon.

Great Chilean Quake, 22 May 1960, magnitude 9.5
The most powerful quake ever recorded by instruments happened when the Sun just transited out of Taurus (an earth sign, quakes) with a near square of Uranus in Leo three days before New Moon.

Great Alaskan Quake, 27 March 1964 magnitude 9.3
Second largest quake ever seismically recorded happened when Uranus and Saturn were in opposing signs with Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo (an earth sign equals quakes!) one day before Full Moon!

Tangshan, China, 27 July 1976, magnitude 7.5
Perhaps the greatest killer quake recorded in modern times with an unofficial death toll exceeding 600,000 souls. Uranus was in Scorpio in an approximate square of Mars, Saturn and the Sun in Leo on a New Moon day!

Sichuan, China, 12 May 2008, magnitude 7.9
Vast earth waves and mountain landslides leveled cities carrying off over 80,000 in Central China when Uranus and Saturn were in opposite signs (Pisces and Virgo). One week after the New Moon was in first quarter aspect, 90 degrees square the Earth.

Sumatran Quake and Indian Ocean Tsunami, 26 December 2004, magnitude 9.1 to 9.3
The second largest quake in history recorded by seismograph caused a death toll mostly from its generated tsunami that unofficially killed over 300,000 people. Uranus and Pluto were at work again in a near grand T Square of a near Uranus in Pisces opposition with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Sagittarius. It would seem that quakes do not always happen exactly on grand T-squares but within the approximate time and location of these. The quake did happen exactly on a Full Moon day!

Haitian Quake, 12 January 2010, magnitude 7.0
Three days before New Moon on 15 January.

Chilean Quake, 27 February 2010, magnitude 8.8
The seventh largest earthquake ever measured shook the coastline off Concepción unleashing a killer tsunami into four Chilean fishing ports. A more moderate tsunami raced across the Pacific Ocean requiring millions of people around the Pacific Rim to evacuate their shores. The Moon was in Virgo squared Jupiter in Pisces. Uranus was also 23 degrees Pisces, one day before Full Moon on 28 February.

Now let us look at the astrological aspects of the most recent historic quake in Japan:

Japan-housesAflameThe Great Japanese Quake and Tsunami, 11 March 2011, magnitude 8.9, upgraded to 9.0.
Uranus (ruler of sudden surprises, upheaval) was in the last most intense degree of Pisces (ruler of oceans, tsunamis) before it passed into the combustible fire sign of Aries on 13 March with a flourish. Reactor 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had a hydrogen explosion and suffered a partial meltdown on the last day of Uranus in Pisces. Then Reactor 3 also blew up its outer building around the nuclear reactor’s containment vessel harboring a possible meltdown within the reactor core on the first day of Uranus transiting Aries (an astrological marriage of nasty surprises). This happened less than six days from New Moon and one day before a First Quarter Moon squared Earth 90 degrees.

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