Monday, May 9, 2011

Laporan & Rumor Saham Indonesia 09-05 (Refresh)

Jadwal Pembagian Deviden Bulan Mei 2011
09 May 2011 Cum Dev INTA 56
11 May 2011 Cum Dev TCID 340, Cum Dev EXCL 107, Cum Dev SMCB 23, Cum Dev TRST 20
12 May 2011 Cum Dev TOTL 14,67,  Cum Dev BPFI 10,  Cum Dev LPGI 112
16 May 2011 Cum Dev Majapahit Securities 1
19 May 2011 Cum Dev MKPI 125
20 May 2011 Cum Dev TOTL 14,67,  Cum Dev AALI 640,  Cum Dev Buana Finance 35
23 May 2011 Cum Dev AUTO 434,
24 May 2011 Cum Dev Tigaraksa Satria 51
27 May 2011 Cum Dev ADRO 20,50,  Cum Dev ASGR 25, Cum Dev DLTA 10.500,   Cum Dev BBRI 70,04,  Cum Dev Jkt Setiabudi Int 8, Cum Dev ASII 1130
30 May 2011 Cum Dev HRUM 244
31 May 2011 Cum Dev UNTR 270

Saham Bluechip Tekan IHSG Turun 0,34%

Terhadang Profit Taking, IHSG Terkoreksi 13 Poin. Foreign net sell senilai Rp 87,886 miliar

Wah, indeks semakin menjauh dari level 3.800

BNBR Akui Lakukan Kuasi Reorganisasi Q3-2011

Indonesia Stocks: Astra Agro Lestari, Energi Mega, Gas Negara

Medco, International Nickel, Timah: Indonesia Equity Preview

Rupiah Gains for 2nd Day After Global Funds Lift Stock Holdings

Bloomberg: Mandiri Tunas Finance Sells IDR 48 billion 8.6% 1-Year Bonds

JPMorgan pangkas rekomendasi, saham PGAS sempat melorot 1,2%

Saham ASGR melesat ke level tertinggi dalam 11 tahun

Research Today: Bakrieland, a landed opportunity
Sarina and Nick Cashmore looked at Bakrieland (ELTY IJ) as an attractive inflation hedge. ELTY’s stock price has been such a big laggard. At low single digit, Bakriland’s ROE is lower than its peers’. This is partly due to a series of capital raising, which translated into higher equity base. However, the potential is massive. The company owns 16,000 ha of land but trades at a 25% discount to book value. Big leverage to rising property prices in greater Jakarta area.In term of access, the local government has started construction of an access road that will open mid 2012. Monetizing assets will be the key to improving ROA and price performance. Valuation looks very attractive at 0.8x P/B. NAV is Rp460/share, (CLSA/KZ )

BBLD mau diakuisisi ama texas pacific group

Panin Sekuritas Bagi Dividen Rp 80 per Saham

BEI Minta Penjelasan Bank Mega soal Pembobolan Rp 80 Miliar

Fokus Bangun Pabrik, IPO Wika Beton Molor

BII Tambah Besaran Subdebt Jadi Rp 1,5 Triliun

Sambut Penerapan Cabotage, Buana Listya Upgrade Kapal

Rekomendasi Saham
Katalis Penggerak IHSG Pekan Ini

Bloomberg: Indonesia’s Refined Tin Exports Rise to 9,708.45 Tons in April

Bloomberg; Holcim Indonesia Cut to 'Hold' at Danareksa Securities

Bloomberg: Gas Negara Cancels Sumatra Pipeline Project on Supply Shortage

Bloomberg: Indonesia Lowers Coal Benchmark Price for May to $117.61 a Ton

Bloomberg: Tiga Pilar Gains, Reversing One-Week Drop, as 2010 Profit Rises

Bloomberg: Palm Oil Gains as Much as 0.6% to 3,215 Ringgit Per Metric Ton

Bloomberg: Rupiah Gains After Global Funds Add to Indonesia Stock Holdings

Anak Usaha TBIG Terima Panggilan Pengadilan Niaga

EMTK Gadaikan SCTV Biayai Akuisisi Indosiar

Revenue ADRO Bisa Naik 200%

Saham BIPI Bisa Naik Tiga Kali Lipat

ASII Bantah Beli Saham ADRO

Saham BIPI Diminati Perusahaan asal China

Asuransi Laris, ASBI Akan Melesat ke Rp600

Tiga Emiten PE Catatkan Untung pada Kuartal I 2011

PANS tangani obligasi MNC Securities Rp 300 miliar

Rencana relokasi pabrik oleh Komatsu membuat saham UNTR berlari

Skybee capai kesepakatan awal beli 60% saham Kaswall Dinamika Indonesia

ADHI menangkan tender senilai US$ 131,9 juta

Dianggap kurang menarik, konversi saham FREN tidak laku

TMAS catatkan laba bersih di kuartal I 2011 mencapai Rp19,60 miliar

INDY tambahan modal sebesar 10%

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