Monday, May 23, 2011

Laporan & Rumor Saham Indonesia 23-05 (Refresh)

2nd session on JCI 23.05.11
@3778.45 (-94.49pts) (-2.44%)
H: 3872.21 ; L: 3763.05
Value: 5.55 T (NG 551 B )
Volume: 3.30 B (NG 657 M )
Foreign Nett Sell: 673 B
USD/IDR: 8576

10 most active stocks by value:
BBRI @ 6250 (-4.58%)
BUMI @ 3350 (-4.96%)
ASII @ 59200 (-4.51%)
INDF @ 5400 (-4.42%)
BMRI @ 7100 (-2.06%)
BORN @ 1450 (-5.84%)
ADRO @ 2325 (-2.10%)
BRAU @ 540 (0.00%)
UNSP @ 455 (-7.14%)
UNTR @ 22000 (-1.12%)

10 most active stocks by volume:
BNBR @ 78 (-7.14%)
BULL @ 166 (+7.09%)
ENRG @ 182 (-5.69%)
ELTY @ 160 (-6.43%)
BULL-W @ 35 (+3.40%)
ENRG-W @ 44 (-20.00%)
UNSP @ 455 (-7.14%)
DEWA @ 93 (-8.82%)
BRAU @ 540 (0.00%)
TRUB @ 66 (-8.33%)


Bloomberg: Bakrie Sumatera Drops Most in Nine Months on Valuation Concern

Bloomberg: Palm Oil May Decline 30% This Year as Supply Gains, RBS Says

Jatuh 94 Poin, IHSG Mendarat di 3.778. Net sell asing Rp 673,185 miliar

Awal Pekan, Profit Taking Imbas IHSG

Panic selling landa IHSG! Indeks tergerus hingga 2,7%

Inilah 10 Top Foreign Sell Senin (23/5)

Credit Suisse tercatat paling banyak melepas saham bluechips di sesi II

Rupiah Ambles Terlibas Penguatan Dolar

Bursa Asia Jatuh Lebih dari 2%

Bank Mandiri Akuisisi ADB di Kuartal III

Makna 'Oversubscribe' 16x Saham BULL

Rekomendasi Saham TA & FA:

Permintaan China Turun, Saham Asia Rontok

Setahun ke depan, kebutuhan investasi BULL berkisar hingga US$ 450 juta

Bapepam Proses 3 Rights Issue Emiten

Perjanjian lisensi air minum dalam kemasan merek Ades milik PT Coca Cola  Indonesia akan diambil alih oleh PT Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia. Sebab, PT  Akasha Wira Internasional Tbk yang saat ini memproduksi merek Ades akan  mengakhiri masa kontrak produksi mulai Juni 2011 mendatang. Sejauh ini, Coca Cola Amatil sudah memproduksi 7 merek dari 8 merek air  minum dalam kemasan yang dimiliki Coca Cola Indonesia. Jika perjalanan mulus,  maka Amatil bakal memproduksi seluruh brand milik Coca Cola termasuk Ades pada  tahun ini. Titi Sadarini, Director Corporat Affair PT Coca Cola Indonesia bilang, managemen perusahaan akan menunjuk perusahaan bottling partner untuk  memproduksi Ades setelah menyelesaikan kontrak dengan Akasha.

*DJ Trada Maritime Expects 2011 Net To Double From IDR106B In 2010 - CFO
*DJ Trada Maritime Expects 2011 Revenue To Double From IDR406B In 2010 - CFO
*DJ Trada Maritime Expects 2011 Net To Double From IDR106B In 2010 - CFO

216 Saham Melemah, IHSG Terkapar 68 Poin

Moon Cycles: Tidak cukup bagus untuk trading di IHSG, Waning gibbous 66% of Full, tetapi unsur udara menunjukkan potensi kenaikan lebih lanjut di Flower Moon. IHSG dalam kondisi overbought dan berpotensi profit-taking ke support 3.777, 3.752/3.725. (Daily TA BNI Securities 23-05)

Pabrik Bioethanol Medco di Papua Baru Beroperasi 2015

BEI Belum Putuskan Libur Bursa 3 Juni

Mandiri Bagi Dividen Rp138,27/Saham

Bapepam-LK Kaji Rencana Rights Issue APOL

Bapepam: BNBR Tunda Kuasi Reorganisasi

LPKR Investasi US$165 Jt Tambah Saham di LMIRT

Asing Keluar, IHSG Sesi I Ditutup Anjlok 1,76%. Net sell asing Rp190 miliar

Semen, Perbankan dan Astra Bisa Jadi Pilihan

Rating diturunkan menjadi sell, saham AALI tergelincir hingga 3,75%

Suplai melonjak, harga CPO diprediksi akan anjlok 30% akhir tahun ini

Saham Jaya Agra Wattie Oversubscribed 2 Kali

Saham INDF tergerus ke level terendah dalam tujuh bulan terakhir

Analis: Rupiah cenderung wara-wiri di rentang support 8.525-8.530

Tengah cari pinjaman perbankan, saham UNSP terjerembab

Penjualan alat berat April melorot, pergerakan saham UNTR ikut melempem

Asing lakukan aksi jual, saham ASII terjungkal


DJ: Bank Mandiri Shareholders approve Rp 138.30/Share Dividend 

Indo Tambangraya Megah (BUY) - Commendable cost control
Indo Tambangraya Megah (ITMG) recorded a net profit of US$95m in 1Q11, up by 41% y/y and 424% q/q. Revenue grew by 16% y/y to US$468m, despite a 15% y/y slide in coal output. The company changed its accounting practice on demurrage cost to align itself with Banpu, its parent company in Thailand. It now reports this cost as a reduction in revenue, instead of cost in selling expense. After the restatement, 1Q10 revenue is US$4.6m lower at US$402m, but net profit remains unchanged at US$67.2m. (kim eng/zp)

After 5 years in waiting, Kimia Farma will finally sign an agreement with a Chinese giant pharmaceutical company in which the government will will sell almost 31% stake of KAEF to the latter company. After the stake sale, KAEF will benefit the tax incentives, while the government will own only 60% stake.

From: Scott Merrillees
Subject: PT. BORNEO Lumbung Energi & Metal Tbk.
91)☆ 92) Move 94) Tags
“Dear All,

There seems to have been some rumours circulating in the broking community during the past few hours that BORNEO and/or its majority shareholders are currently undertaking a placement of BORNEO shares.  In the interests of clarity, we wish to inform you that these rumours are NOT correct. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

Kenneth Farrell, the CEO of PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (“BRMS”) said,”the long awaited Presidential Decree issuance is truly great news to our zinc concession operated by our 80% owned subsidiary, PT Dairi Prima Minerals (“Dairi”), in North Sumatera. Our team is now in the process of submitting the formal request to ultimately obtain the Borrow and Use Permit to conduct the underground mining activities in the Dairi’s concession.”


Thai Conglomerate Siam Cement through its Indonesian unit PT Surya Siam Keramik has signed a conditional sale and purchase agreement with owners of PT Keramika Indonesia Asosiasi. The agreement states that SCG Building Materials Co Ltd through PT Siam Surya Keramik will buy a 93% majority stake in Keramika Indonesia Asosiasi for IDR135 per share or 5% of the IPO price of Keramika Indonesia at IDR2,750. Farrington Incorporation is involved in the deal.

Rekomendasi: Saham apa yang perlu dicermati hari ini?

IHSG Berpotensi Terus Cetak Rekor Pekan Ini

Listing Perdana, Saham BULL Dibuka Naik 9,68%

Anak usaha lakukan pencatatan, saham BLTA malah tergerus hebat

BRMS Akan Segera Garap Tambang Seng Dairi

Sri Mulyani Bisa Jadi Kandidat Bos IMF

Gajah Tunggal (GJTL) :
• Diberitakan bahwa GJTL akan membagikan dividensebesar Rp41,817 miliar. Dividen ini setara Rp12 perlembar saham dengan dividend yield 0,4%menggunakan harga penutupan kemarin.

Elnusa (ELSA) :
• Diberitakan bahwa ELSA akan membagikan dividensebesar 30% dari laba bersih tahun 2010 atau sekitarRp19,171 miliar. Dividen ini setara Rp2.66 per lembarsaham dengan dividend yield 0.9% menggunakanharga penutupan kemarin.

Bakrie Sumatera Plantations (UNSP) :
• Diberitakan bahwa UNSP mendapatkan kontrakpenjualan 90% dari produk Oleokimia. Kontrak inisendiri untuk lima tahun. UNSP mulai meng-operasikan pabrik oleokimia-nya di Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang,Sumater Utara dengan kapasitas produksi 50,000 tonper tahun.
• UNSP juga diberitakan sedang membidik fasilitas kreditdari tiga bank senilai US$ 200 juta. Dana ini akandigunakan untuk re-financing utangnya sebesar US$160 juta pada November nanti. Re-financing inimerupakan langkah krusial mengingat naiknya rasiodebt to equity perseroan. Belum lama ini lembagapemeringkat internasional Moody’s Investors Servicemenurunkan peringkat korporasi dan obligasi UNSP dariB3 menjadi Caa1 dengan prospek negatif, akibatkenaikan utang perseroan.

Agenda 23 May 2011 Rups BMRI, SSIA, Cum Dev AUTO 434, Listing Buana Listya Tama 155

Cum dividen TLKM 16 juni 2011 payment 1 juli 2011

Saham IndoAgri di Salim Ivomas Terdilusi Jadi 72%

BEI Buka Suspensi Saham ADMG

Cermati, Rodamas Tambah Saham di CTTH

Awal Pekan, Pilih Saham Lapis Dua

Inilah Pilihan Saham Senin (23/5)

PT Buana Listya Tama Tbk Listing Dengan Kode BULL

BBTN Terbitkan KIK EBA Rp1T Pada Q-3 2011

CPRO makin fokus ke olahan udang

PTPP tunda spin off unit properti

Ekspansif, TBLA lebarkan sayap ke industri gula

Rekomendasi Saham
Koreksi Kembali Membayangi IHSG

Bloomberg: United Tractors’ April Heavy Equipment Sales Fall to 767 Units

Bloombeg: Adaro, East West to Build $350 Million Power Plant, Daily Says

Bloomberg: Bakrie Sumatera Seeks $200 Million Loan, Bisnis Indonesia Says

Bloomberg: Asian Stocks Drop to Almost Two-Month Low on Greek Debt Concern

Bloomberg: Bridgewater Buys Mapletree Stake in Indonesian Retail Trust Arm

Keduanya mengkonfirmasi bahwa pemerintah tidak akan menaikan harga premium (BBM) atau membatasi konsumsi tahun ini. Apresiasi Rupiah membantu meringankan beban budget yang disebabkan oleh kenaikan harga minyak global. Kami percaya ancaman inflasi akan lebih rendah dari estimasi sehingga kami menurunkan prediksi menjadi 6.0% dari 7.2%, karena resiko supply pada 2H11. kami memprediksi BI rate tetap di 6.75% di 1H11, dan hanya naik 25bp pada July, sehingga menjadi 7.0% pada akhir 2011.

Bakrie Sumatera Plantations seek US$200m
Bakrie Sumatera Plantations targeting credit facilities from three banks worth US$200m to refinance its debt of US$160m that will mature in November. Refinancing strategy becomes crucial following the swelling of debt to equity ratio after the acquisition of Domba Mas. (Bisnis Indonesia)

East West Power became Adaro’s partner
Adaro Energy took a new partner, East West Power Co., related to thermal power project 2x100 MW in South Kalimantan worth US$350m. EWP is a power plant company from South Korea. EWP replace Mitsuo & Co Ltd (Japan) previously Adaro’s partner. Replacement was done because Mitsui withdraw from the project tender owned by PLN. (Investor Daily)

Trades of the Day...
CIMB menulis trading pair untuk bank besar, long BMRI short BBRI dan untuk mid-sized banks, long BBKP, short BJBR. Kami menyarankan ini karena future earning trend masing-masing. BBRI adalah bank yang profitable namun pertumbuhannya akan dibatasi oleh modal yang makin kecil. BMRI akan diuntungkan oleh scale dengan ROE yang meningkat dengan modal yang cukup. BBKP akan ekspansi bekerjasama dengan Taspen dan Jamsostek, yang akan mempercepat pertumbuhan earning dengan dana dari rights issue akhir-akhir ini. BJBR sepertinya kehilangan katalis karena bisnis utama mereka yang saturated dengan micro-business yang diragukan.

Kami menghadiri pertemuan dengan menteri keuangan Jumat kemarin, serta menghadiri pertemuan dengan bagian fiskal.

News: Hr ini listing PT Buana Listya Tama Tbk (BULL) yg merupakan anak usaha BLTA dihrg Rp. 155; ADRO gandeng mitra baru dr Korea Selatan utk bangun PLTU di KalSel senilai USD 350Jt; Bank DKI beri pinjaman MEDC senilai USD 25Jt; MDLN mendptkan hsl penjualan Rp. 210M; UNSP rencana dptkan kredit bank senilai USD 200Jt.
Rumors: CTTH TP 250 Fund asing akan msk.

Plantations    [  PDF  ]
More bark and less bite from Indonesia 's moratorium - by Ivy Ng Lee Fang CFA
The signing of the two-year moratorium on new permits to clear forest in Indonesia is not a surprise to us or the market. We foresee an overall neutral impact on the planters under coverage as the slower expansion of new palm oil areas is offset by potential higher values for existing palm oil estates and landbank and stronger CPO prices in the medium term. This development could also help spur M&As in the sector as the larger palm oil players may consider acquiring the smaller players to replenish their landbank. We retain our NEUTRAL call on the sector. Our top picks among the large caps remain Golden Agri, Sime Darby and London Sumatra while Sampoerna Agro and BW Plantations are our picks among the small- to mid-cap players. (CIMB)

JAKARTA (Dow Jones)--Plantation company PT Jaya Agra Wattie, or J.A. Wattie,  said Monday it has set an offer price of IDR500 each for its plan to sell 1.13 billion shares through an initial public offering between May 23 and May 25. At that price, the company will raise IDR565 billion ($66 million). The company said in a prospectus the shares will be listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on May 30. If the listing proceeds as planned, J.A. Wattie will be the latest resource-based company to list on the Indonesian Stock Exchange, encouraged by the recent surge in commodity prices globally. J.A. Wattie said it plans to use 90% of the proceeds from the IPO to finance a planting program at its rubber and palm oil plantations and develop its units. It will use the remaining 10% to acquire land and working capital. PT Mandiri Sekuritas and PT OSK Nusadana Securities Indonesia are the  joint-lead underwriters. The company derives 60% of its revenue from rubber plantations, 37% from oil palm plantations, and the remaining 3% from coffee and tea plantations. -By Edhi Pranasidhi, Dow Jones

SINGAPORE (Dow Jones)--Singapore-listed Indofood Agri Resources Ltd. (5JS.SG) Friday said it has the set price for the Indonesian listing of its PT Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk. unit, or PT SIMP, at IDR1,100 per share in a listing that could raise IDR3.48 trillion. The pricing is at the lower end of the lower end of the IDR1,060 to IDR1,700 indicative price range. The offer shares represent about 20% of the enlarged capital base of PT SIMP and the listing will reduce Indofood Agri's stake in the crude palm oil company to 72% from 90%. Indofood Agri shares were placed in a trading halt before the market open Friday.

 -By Sam Holmes, Dow Jones Newswires; +65-6415-4157;

JAKARTA. Rencana PT PP Tbk (PTPP) melakukan spin off atau melepas unit usahanya PT PP Property kemungkinan besar tertunda. Agenda spin off diperkirakan baru terlaksana di tahun depan. Dalam rencana awalnya, PTPP melepas anak perusahaannya yang bergerak di bidang properti pada kuartal III-2011. Manajemen PTPP mengatakan, pelepasan ini paling cepat baru bisa dilakukan akhir tahun. "Kami usahakan akhir tahun sudah spin off," kata Betty Ariana, Sekretaris Perusahaan PTPP, akhir pekan lalu (20/5).

Stocks racked up three weeks of losses as investors became concerned about the direction of global growth amid signs of weakness in the U.S. and as Europe struggled with the restructuring of Greek debt.
Dow.      12512.04.  -93.28.  -0.74%
Nasdaq.   2803.32.  -19.99.  -0.71%
S&P 500. 1333.27.  -10.33.  -0.77%
FTSE.       5948.49.  -7.50.    -0.13%
Dax.        7266.82.   -91.41.  -1.24%
CAC40.    3990.85.   -36.89.  -0.92%
Oil.            100.10.   +1.17.   +1.18%
Gold.       1508.900. +16.500+1.11%
Rupiah.   8540
Euro.       1.4157

TLKM.  35.44. -0.24. -0.67%. Rp 7566
ISAT.    30.93. -0.17. -0.54%. Rp 5283
Vallar.  1,210.00. -5.00.   -0.41%
EIDO.       31.96.  -0.17.   -0.54%

Timah.      27900.   -250.        -0.88%
Nickel.      23400.   -250.        -1.06%

CPOAgt 3390RM+30RM+0.88%$1125
Corn.         759.500.+11.250+1.50%
SoybeanOil.57.460. +0.000. +0.00%
Wheat.      806.500. -5.500.  -0.68%
Coal 20May 116.80 vs.118.74(13May)

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