Friday, June 17, 2011

Laporan & Rumor Saham Indonesia 17-06 (Refresh)

2nd session on JCI 17.06.11
@ 3,722.303 (-18.168pts) (-0.486%)
H: 3,759.198 ; L: 3,704.584
Value: 4.55 T (NG 476 B )
Volume: 261 M (NG 804 M )
Foreign Nett Sell: 7 B

5 most active stocks by value:
BUMI @ 3,050 (-3.17%)
ASII @ 58,300 (+0.26%)
BMRI @ 6,800 (+0.74%)
TLKM @ 6,850 (-3.52%)
BBRI @ 6,200 (+0.81%)

5 most active stocks by volume:
ENRG @ 194 (+2.65%)
DEWA @ 103 (+1.98%)
ELTY @ 141 (-2.76%)
BNBR @ 67 (-4.29%)
BUMI @ 3,050 (-3.17%)

5 most up:
AKKU @ 235 (+30.56%)
ATPK @ 154 (+6.21%)
GTBO @ 129 (+5.74%)
TPIA @ 4,100 (+5.13%)
ASRM @ 2,625 (+5.00%)

5 most down:
EKAD @ 480 (-15.79%)
ARTI @ 445 (-8.25%)
GSMF @ 70 (-7.89%)
RAJA @ 600 (-7.69%)
ADMG @ 455 (-7.14%)

5 Leading Movers:
BBCA @ 7,200 (+2.85%)
BYAN @ 20,200 (+1.56%)
BBRI @ 6,200 (+1.43%)
PGAS @ 4,000 (+1.42%)
BMRI @ 6,800 (+1.35%)

5 Lagging Movers:
TLKM @ 6,850 (-5.89%)
GGRM @ 44,300 (-3.04%)
ADRO @ 2,275 (-2.80%)
BUMI @ 3,050 (-2.43%)
BORN @ 1,410 (-1.45%)

Nadya Isnaeni Data administrator Research Dept BNI Securities

IHSG-Rupiah Melemah Bersama

Ikuti Regional, IHSG Turun 0,5% ke 3.722. net foreign sell Rp9,5 miliar

Inilah Daftar 'Top Foreign Sell' Jumat (17/6)

Inilah Daftar 'Top Foreign Buy' Jumat (17/6)

Laba Bersih BUMI Naik 13% Jadi US$113 Juta

DEWA Targetkan Penjualan Alat Berat US$50 Juta

DEWA Raih Pendapatan hingga US$69,32 Juta

Harga Saham IPO Sidomulyo Rp205-Rp260 per Saham

BI: Bunga Deposito Rupiah Jadi 6,7% per April

Maybank Jual 5,23 Juta Lembar Saham

Saham BUMI Teraktif Diperdagangkan Hari Ini

Asing Dominasi Peminat Saham IPO Metland

Inilah Cara Mengakali Saham-saham yang 'Nyangkut'

Skybee Beli 60% Saham Kaswall Dinamika Indonesia

FAST akan bayar dividen Rp 448,18 per saham

Cipta Selaras Agung beli 30% saham MIDI

Indonesia Stocks: Adaro Energy, Chandra Asri, Medco Energi


*DJ Bakrie Telecom Downgraded To Sell From Hold By Deutsche Bank
1:54 PM 6/17 JAKARTA (Dow Jones)--PT Bumi Resources (BUMI.JK) booked $112 million in net profit during the first quarter of the year, down from $132 million in the same period last year, a company official said Friday. The official, who declined to be named, told Dow Jones Newswires that the year earlier profit figure had been restated according to International Financial Reporting Standards. He said Bumi's coal sales volume dropped to 14 million metric tons during the January-March period from 16 million tons last year. However, sales revenue rose to $1.23 billion from $1.02 million because the average coal price rose to $87 a ton during the period from $63/ton a year earlier, the source said. Bumi will likely release its first quarter results later Friday.

JAKARTA. PT Colorpak Indonesia Tbk (CLPI) akan membayar dividen tunai Rp 27,8 per saham atau total sekitar Rp 8,532 miliar, pada 9 September 2011. Keterbukaan informasi BEI menyebut, pembayaran dividen ini disepakati dalam Rapat Umum Pemegang Saham Tahunan (RUPST) perseroan, pada 14 Juni 2011. Adapun, cum dividen atau batas perdagangan saham dengan hak dividen di pasar reguler dan negosiasi hingga 15 Agustus 2011. Sedangkan, cum dividen di pasar tunai sampai 19 Agustus 2011. Hingga perdagangan sesi pertama hari ini, saham CLPI naik 2,14% ke Rp 1.430 per saham. Jika mengacu pada harga tersebut, maka potensi keuntungan dari dividen (dividen yield) yang bakal diterima setiap pemegang saham perseroan sekitar 0,02%.

JAKARTA. PT Royal Oak Development Asia Tbk (RODA) mengincar akuisisi sekitar tiga perusahaan properti lagi tahun ini. Dana untuk akuisisi tersebut diambil dari sisa hasil divestasi anak usaha RODA, PT Transpacific Mutual Capita (TMC). Sebagaimana diberitakan, nilai divestasi TMC sebesar Rp 730 miliar. Dari jumlah tersebut, sebanyak Rp 512 miliar dialokasikan untuk mengakuisisi tujuh perusahaan properti.

Asing Akumulasi, Sesi I IHSG Tetap Turun 0,7%. Net foreign buy Rp14,3 miliar

IHSG Berbalik Terpangkas 27 Poin

Royal Oak akan Divestasi TMC hingga 99,86%

Harga 'Rights Issue' Indomobil Rp8.000 per saham

Harga pelaksanaan right issue IMAS Rp 8.000 per saham

Jaminkan tiga aset, saham ENRG terpeleset di sesi pagi

Tunda penerbitan rights issue, saham TPIA terpukul 3,85%

BBLD terima pinjaman Rp 100 miliar dari Bank DKI

BUMI 1Q Net Pft $112 Mln Vs $96.8 Mln

UBS just upgraded valuation and recommendation of ENRG to BUY with TP of Rp 270. We met with the analyst, Sebastian Tobing a few times in the past 2 months in the hope he can update his initial coverage of ENRG. UBS is bullish on ENRG's improved financial highlights (back to profit in 1Q 2011 onward), de-leveraged balance sheet (improved DER), production growth profile in the next 24 months (to reach production rate of 45 - 50 k boe/day by end of 2012), and higher realised Gas and Oil prices. UBS also expects ENRG to refinance its oustanding USD 200 mio CS loan, currently at Libor+12% to reduce the company's overall WACC in the near future. This is the 3rd Bullish Analyst Report on ENRG, after Mandiri (BUY with TP Rp 220) and BNI (BUY with TP 210). Sell BUMI switch to ENRG

Agenda 17 Juni 2011 Rups Leo Investment, MYOR, Inti Agri Resources, MTSM, Sona, Centex (sp), Dnet, DEWA, MYRX, INRU, Polaris Investa, MYTX, IKAi, SAFE, Zbra, Metro Realty,  BVIC, Sugih Energy, INCI, Surya Intrindo Makmur, , SONA, Fortune Mate Indonesia Cum Dev INTP 263,  cum RALS 30,  cum dev MLBI 21.279, Cum Dev EKAD 8  ,bumi - vallar plc akan listing di bursa london(?)

Bloomberg: Aneka Tambang Rated New Neutral at GS; PT 2,100 Rupiah

Bloomberg; Kimia Farma to Pay 20 Percent of 2010 Net Income as Dividend

Tony Hayward’s Vallares increases IPO size to US$1.9B
Vallares Plc raised the size of its initial public offering to “at least” 1.2-billion pounds (US$1.9-billion) from 1-billion pounds, according to terms of the offer obtained by Bloomberg News.Backed by former BP Plc Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward, financier Nathaniel Rothschild and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker Julian Metherell, the investment vehicle will seek to buy a company or asset with an enterprise value of 3-billion to 8-billion pounds within two years, Hayward said last week. The shares, priced at 10 pounds each, are set to start trading in London tomorrow, the terms say.

BMRI: 6,600-7,100. First half net profit may rise by 186% to IDR6.12 trillion due mostly to gains from Garuda debt repayment and a moderate increase in net interest income. It is now trading at a p/e ratio of 13.1X 2011 prospective earnings (EPS: IDR515), below the banking industrial average of 15.5X. At that average BMRI's fair value is at IDR8,000. Best buy is at any levels below IDR6,900.

TLKM: 7,050-7,500. First half net profit could rise by 25% to IDR7.5 trillion due mostly to higher foreign exchange gains and higher revenue contribution from its multimedia services. It is now trading at a p/e ratio of only 10.2X 2011 earnings, far below the Asian industrial average p/e ratio of 14X. At that average IDR9,700. On a conservative valuation, Telkom's fair value is at IDR8,400. Best buy is at any levels below IDR7,200

INILAH.COM, Jakarta - PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (TLKM) melalui anak usahanya, PT Telkomsel akan mengakuisisi perusahaan yang bergerak pada jasa penyedia konten. Perseroan melalui anak usahanya ingin menguasai jasa penyedia konten atau conten provider/CP), penyelenggara musik digital, mobile advertising, payment system, maupun media on-line. Rencana Telkomsel ini tinggal menunggu persertujuan Telkom dan Singtel. Saham TLKM pada perdagangan kemarin ditutup turun Rp150 ke Rp7.100 dengan volume perdagangan 35.709 saham senilai Rp127,6 miliar sebanyak 1.210 kali transaksi.

INILAH.COM, Jakarta - Rajawali Group dikabarkan akan menambah saham kepemilikan di PT Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk (META). Kabar ini akan dibuktikan dalam RUPS tahunan pada 24 Juni mendatang. Harga saham perseroan diprediksi dapat menuju level Rp300 dalam waktu dekat. Saham META pada perdagangan kemarin ditutup naik Rp5 ke Rp235 dengan volume perdagangan mencapai 23.190 saham senilai Rp2,5 miliar sebanyak 144 kali transaksi.

Ikuti Wall Street, IHSG Berpotensi Menguat

Tata Steel Jual Riversdale ke Rio Tinto

Investor Saham Pilih Tiarap

Inilah Rekomendasi Saham Jumat (17/6)

Medco Tajak Sumur South Sebuku-2 17 Juni 2011

Tunggu Level Suport Saham Bakrie

Bisnis pembiayaan lesu, laba BDMN tumbuh pelan

Saham ANTA ditawar Rp 300

Demi status bendera, RIGS jual saham mayoritas'

HSJI bidik kenaikan laba bersih hingga 38%

Star Petrochem tawarkan harga IPO Rp 102 per saham

Kondisi pasar tidak menentu, TPIA tunda pelaksanaan right issue

Penjualan meningkat, laba bersih MASA tumbuh 20% di akhir Maret 2011

Bank Bukopin 
Bukopin-Jamsostek-Bulog collaboration initiated - by Mulya Chandra CFA
(BBKP IJ / BBKP.JK, OUTPERFORM - Maintained, Rp700 - Tgt. Rp1,200, Banks)
Together with Jamsostek and Bulog, Bukopin last week rolled out its first food outlet, planned since last year. The test outlet sells foodstuff, primarily rice at lower-than-market rates and is situated at the LG Electronics factory on the outskirts of Jakarta . Our recent visit surprisingly found that rice turnover is extremely high at two tonnes per week for such a small store, on active purchases by members of the LG employees' cooperative, who are also Jamsostek members.

Apr 11 tracker: maintaining the pace - by Mulya Chandra CFA
Sector loans kept up their fast growth in April, growing 24% yoy, not far from the 25% in Mar 11. NIM was 5.8% vs. 5.9% in Mar 11, still above its historical norm of 5.2-5.4%, despite the central bank's recent requirement of lending-rate disclosures. And despite the high growth, we note no signs of tight liquidity, as indicated by flat overnight inter-bank rates of 6.2% until mid-Jun 11, vs. a 6.75% BI rate. LDR only inched up to 79% from 77% in Mar 11, as deposits kept pace with loan growth. We maintain our stock ratings, earnings forecasts and target prices. The main sector catalyst should be upside in loan growth. Our picks remain Mandiri and Danamon among the big banks; and Bukopin and BTN

[Dow Jones] ASIA OUTLOOK: Regional stock markets are likely to be cautious after continued concerns over the Greek debt situation and a mixed batch of U.S. economic data Thursday led to a mixed close on Wall Street. In FX markets the EUR is likely to remain under pressure as Greek debt woes remain center stage ahead of the upcoming meeting of eurozone finance ministers, as fears of a Greek default continue to swell. Investors may focus on comments from the ECB's Trichet who is due to speak in New York. The EUR/USD is at 1.4200 from 1.4213 in late New York trade, the EUR/JPY is at 114.43 from 114.63, and the USD/JPY is at 80.58 from 80.67. The EUR/CHF is at 1.2051 after falling to a new all-time low of CHF1.1946 Thursday. On the data slate there's Japan BOJ May monetary policy meeting minutes at 2350 GMT, Singapore merchandise trade at 0500 GMT, and Japan May Tokyo area and nationwide department store sales at 0530 GMT. In the U.S. there's May leading indicators, while the ECB's Trichet is scheduled to speak in New York.

[Dow Jones] Singapore shares are expected to trade in a narrow range with slight upside bias after the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended up Thursday and amid gains for regional markets so far. However, with continued nervousness over the Greek debt situation and mixed economic data from the U.S., participation is expected to be thin. Thursday, the STI ended down 1.1% at 3020.13, its lowest close in nearly three months. "Today, we may see some upside after the Dow's 0.5% gain. The STI closed near a support level at 3020 yesterday so we could see it rise off here as the Nikkei and Australian shares are currently higher," says a trader at a local house. However, he says volume will be thin amid scant news flow and the market will likely flatten out, and trade in a 3020-3040 range. STX OSV (MS7.SG) may be in focus after announces a joint venture with ship automation systems company Industrial Control Design for development of offshore handling systems.

[Dow Jones] The Nikkei may trade in a 9350-9500 range as risk-averse sentiment prevails amid ongoing concerns over Greece and a mixed batch of U.S. economic data released overnight, says Yumi Nishimura, senior market analyst at Daiwa Securities. She adds "the steady economic recovery in Japan will support shares, but upward movement will be limited due to overseas uncertainties, including yesterday's sharp drop in Chinese shares. "Stocks may also get a lift today from the euro, which has strengthened from Asian Thursday afternoon levels (EUR/JPY now at 114.46). Nikkei 225 September futures ended Chicago trading at 9405 vs the Osaka close of 9410.

[Dow Jones] The EUR/USD may fall to 1.4050 later in the global day as investors will likely further trim their EUR holding just to be safe ahead of the weekend amid continuing Greek sovereign debt contagion concerns, says a senior dealer at a major Japanese bank. The dealer says there was nothing from a report that ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet says in an interview with the British newspaper The Times to be released Friday that it is the clear position of the ECB that a Greek default in any form should be avoided. Focus among investors is on whether Greek debt reprofiling will be done or not, but the dealer doesn't expect European officials to make any decision on that in the coming days. The EUR/USD is at 1.4199. He tips the USD/JPY in a 80.30-80.80 range with a downward bias; the pair is at 80.60. He tips the EUR/JPY in a 113.00-115.00 range; the cross is at 114.49.(

[Dow Jones] S&P/ASX 200 offshore leads are mixed, with BHP Billiton (BHP.AU) ADRs falling to equivalent A$41.87 from A$42.00 locally and LME copper falling 1.0% to US$9,065.0/ton, despite SPI 200 futures rising 0.2% to 4478.0 and Wall Street's S&P 500 rising 0.2% to 1267.64. In Europe, EU economics commissioner Olli Rehn said euro-zone governments will agree at a meeting starting Sunday in Luxembourg to pay the next installment of rescue loans for Greece while delaying the final decision on a longer-term Greek aid package until July. U.S. economic data were mixed, with weekly initial jobless claims falling to 414,000 vs 421,000 expected, May building permits rising 8.7% to 612,000 vs 548,000 expected, and mid-atlantic manufacturing activity index falling to -7.7. S&P 500 Financials rose 0.6%, Materials fell 0.9% and Energy rose 0.3%, with Nymex July crude oil up 0.2% at US$94.95. Spot gold fell to US$1,527.70 vs US$1,530.30. S&P/ASX 200 closed Thursday at 4479.2.

[Dow Jones] The Kospi may rebound after falling a steep 1.9% to 2046.63 Thursday, tracking mild gains in the DJIA. Analysts, however, expect overall sentiment to remain jittery due to concerns over debt problems in Europe. They tip initial resistance at the 5-day moving average near 2061 and next key resistance at the 120-day moving average near 2074. Heavy industry sector stocks are cited among top picks for the day after their underperformance on Thursday as well as a positive outlook for more overseas orders.

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