Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can You Still Make Money If The Fed QE2 End or Continue???

Why Stocks Could Collapse...
Beginning as Soon as June 30th & Months From Now. 
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The U.S. Federal Reserve Plan For QE3 – And Why It's a Done Deal
When U.S. central bank policymakers conclude their two-day meeting today (Wednesday), there's really only one question investors want an answer to: What's the U.S. Federal Reserve plan for QE3? Let me answer that for you: QE3 is a done deal - although Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke & Co. might well give it another name.
Let me explain ...
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Morgan Stanley 22/06:
While it doesn't appear that any near-term policy changes loom, the FOMC certainly has plenty to talk about at the June gathering.  First, they are likely to discuss options for additional monetary ease.  With core inflation continuing to rapidly accelerate, the bar is quite high to further stimulus - probably requiring an unemployment rate at or above 10% and a core inflation rate slipping back below 1% - but they need to begin discussing the various options.  Whether you believe that QE2 was a success or not, it seems likely that further purchases of Treasury securities might not be particular helpful at this stage. 

HITSaham: The 1st Bet in Indonesia: The Fed Will Extend QE 2 Stimulus = Impulse Wave v/3 Rally On The Way

Bernanke Leaves Door Open to More Stimulus Should Economy Fail to Rebound

Pimco’s Gross Says Fed May Hint at QE3 in August to Place a Cap on Rates

Bernanke May Try Spurring Economy by Prolonging Stimulus

QE Or Not QE? That Is The Question

Primary dealers see Fed on hold through mid-2012: Reuters poll

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