Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 1st in Indonesia IPO Star Petrochem TBK (STAR) & The 22's IPO

Moon Cycle: Proses akumulasi akan terjadi dalam waktu dekat menjelang 100% Full Moon, di tengah pola intraday oversold, akumulasi, J-Hook vs Bearish Hook.
Star Petrochem akan Listing Perdana Pagi Ini

Solar 24: The sun consists of several small to fair sized sunspot regions, the largest of which are Sunspots 1247, 1250 and a new alpha spot that rotated onto the eastern limb. This spot was numbered 1251 on Monday. There is a chance for C-Class flares.
Rekomendasi: Speculative Buy
Resist    : 116/129 (buy breakout)/141/147 (Sell)/162/178 (Buy Breakaout)/187/207 (Sell)
Support : 100 (buy)/96/87/81/75 (Buy)

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