Thursday, September 15, 2011

As Greek Debt Default Nears, Investors Need to Take Cover

At this point a Greek debt default is virtually unavoidable, and it could happen in a matter of weeks. The ensuing chain reaction will upend markets around the world and will almost surely lead to more defaults among the European Union's (EU) other debt-plagued nations, collectively known as the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain).

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Gold Technicals: Heading to $2,350 After 4th Wave Consolidation
Last week I wrote about further consolidation being required in what I’m seeing as a either 4th wave likely “Triangle Pattern” that will consolidate the 34 month run from $681 to $1910 into August of this year, or a 3 wave “A B C” pattern. We are right now in some form of C wave, it’s just a matter now of confirming if we are going to get a “D and E” wave to follow, or the C wave drops lower before we bottom.

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China's Biggest Bubble Warning Ever
It's the biggest and clearest sign yet: China is a giant bubble waiting to burst. With Europe in the spotlight, few are thinking about China these days. And when China does come up, it is typecast as the wealthy uncle with deep pockets -- the one player rich enough to help keep Europe afloat. (We saw that earlier this week, on hopes that China would buy Italian debt.)

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