Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Laporan & Rumor Saham Indonesia 21-09 (Refresh)

2nd SESSION on JCI 21.09.11
@3697.49 (-54.61 pts) (-1.45 %) (H:3752.29 ; L: 3687.91)
Value: .  3.47 T (NG 276 B )  
Volume: 2.81 B (NG  206 M )
Foreign Nett Sell:  586 B      
USD/IDR: 8860 (+0.34%)

MANUFACTURE (-1.88%) (962.522 B )
FINANCE.          (-1.55%). (870.051B )
MINING.            ( -1.43%) (607.131 B )
TRADE.            (-1.82%) (426.751 B )
CONSUMER.  (-2.04%) (323.505 B )
INFRASTRUC.( -0.19%) (302.597 B )

TLKM.    @ 7572 (34.61 B )
LSIP.        @ 2148 (10.03 B )
CMNP.      @ 1603 (7.65 B )
SMGR.    @ 8300 (6.70 B )
ANTM.    @ 1792 (5.54 B )
BRMS.    @ 699.  (4.64 B )

UNTR.    @ 22233 (102.42 B )
INDF.        @ 5051.    (75.38 B )
BUMI.      @ 2592.  (68.55 B )
ASII.        @ 64158 (52.18 B )
BBRI.        @ 6113.    (50.45 B )
BBNI.        @ 3853.  (46.68 B )

ASII.          @ 64050 (-2.06%)
BUMI.        @ 2575.    (-2.83%)
BMRI.        @6200.    (-1.58%)
UNTR.        @  22150 (-3.69%)
BBRI.          @ 6100.    (-1.61%)
INDF.          @ 5000.  (-4.76%)
TLKM.      @ 7550.    (+1.34%)
BBCA.        @ 7750.    (-2.51%)

STAR-W @ 24.  (633.145 M)
ENRG.        @ 168. (318.271 M)
KIJA.          @ 157. (270.751 M)
TMPI.          @ 205 (137.556 M)
BNBR.        @ 60.    (136.191 M)
ELTY.        @ 132.  (132.432 M)
BUMI.          @ 2575 (95.953 M)
STAR.        @ 240 (90.343 M)

*DJ S&P: Global Risks Could Slow Pace Of Upgrades For Indonesia, Sri Lanka

Property developer PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (Metland) today reports a 183.54% jump in attributable profit (net profit) as revenue rose.
Metland, a newly listed company at Indonesia Stock Exchange, booked Rp63.20 billion net profit in 1H 2011 from Rp22.29 billion in 1H 2010. Gross profit rose 73.32% to Rp130.49 billion from Rp75.29 billion.

Asia Mulai Naik, IHSG Masih Ditutup Turun 1,46%

Investor Selamatkan Portofolio, IHSG Terpangkas 54 Poin. Foreign net sell Rp 585,442 miliar

Semua sektor memerah, IHSG ditutup jatuh 1,46% di sesi sore

BNI Jadi Trustee and Paying Agent Kontrak LNG&LPG

UNTR targetkan produksi 7 juta ton batubara di 2012

BPFI targetkan penyaluran pembiayaan senilai Rp 650 miliar di 2011

TKIM bayar dividen Rp 15 per saham pada 27 Oktober

Right issue tertunda, saham KIJA tumbang hingga 8,7%

Inilah Negara Pengutang Terbesar Dunia

Menteri Akui Yunani Diperas Pasar

Karena Cemas, Investor Memilih Emas

Bursa Eropa Turun Jelang Hasil Rapat Fed

Pemerintah Akui Sulit Prediksi IHSG dan Rupiah

Batavia Finance Rencana Rights Issue Akhir 2012

IMF: Ekonomi Global Dalam Fase Baru Yang Berbahaya

Penuhi kontrak jatuh tempo, Logam Mulia batasi pembelian ritel emas batangan

Palm oil producer PT BW Plantation Tbk (BWPT), a company that is controlled by Indonesian businessman Budiono Widodo, reported a 44.15% increase in CPO production volume in the first 8 months of this year, The company produced 77,642 tons of CPO in 8M 2011 from 53,862 tons in 8M 2010. BW Plantation reported a 35.25% increase in fresh fruit bunch (FFB) to 320,274 tons in 8M 2011 from 236,802 tons in 8M 2010.

Kim Eng Indonesia Research : Rupiah Plays
Rupiah plays
We believe the rupiah weakening would be temporary. The rupiah will rebound as the global economic risks decline and risk appetite returns. For instance, when Lehman Brothers collapsed in September 2008, which increased risks in the global banking system, the rupiah fell to its weakest level in November 2008; however, it had appreciated steadily from then on. This time around, we may see the same trend, though probably in a more moderate form. 

Kim Eng : Rupiah Play , We list a number of stocks under the negative and positive lists below.
SMCB.IJ, BUY, TP Rp2,525
ICBP.IJ, BUY, TP Rp6,800
UNVR.IJ, BUY, TP Rp18,300
CPIN.IJ, BUY, TP Rp3,500

TINS.IJ, BUY, TP Rp2,825
ADRO.IJ, BUY, TP Rp2,650
PTBA.IJ, BUY, TP Rp27,000
ITMG.IJ, BUY, TP Rp57,200
UNTR.IJ, HOLD, TP Rp26,100
AALI.IJ, BUY, TP Rp25,800
LSIP.IJ, BUY, TP Rp2,900)

*DJ Coal India: Hopeful Of Shortlisting A Few Supply Proposals From 16 Received
*DJ Coal India: Most Overseas Coal Suppliers Aren't Giving Discounts On Interna
*DJ Coal India: Still Awaiting India Govt OK To Buy Unlisted Mining Companies O (selengkapnya dikirim lwt email)
*DJ Coal India To Seek Approval In India-Indonesia Coal Working Group Meeting I
*DJ Coal India: Plan To Establish JV With Indonesia Mining Company For Coal Min
*DJ Coal India Chairman: Plan To Seek Allocation Of Indonesia Coal Mine
*DJ Coal India: Hopeful Of Shortlisting A Few Supply Proposals From 16 Received
*DJ Coal India: Most Overseas Coal Suppliers Aren't Giving Discounts On Interna
*DJ Coal India: Still Awaiting India Govt OK To Buy Unlisted Mining Companies O

ENRG: 160-270. STILL, it is the Masela factor that in the future would help ENRG's performance and increase its asset value. Anyway, this may put ENRG to become a target of acquisition by both foreign and domestic companies due to promising outlook on Kangean and Masela gas and oil block acquired in 2009. My 12-month target on M&A possibility is at IDR320. It is a buy at any levels below IDR180.

Temasek is bidding 60% Poly's stake and assuming debt from Damiano Investment BV, the Netherland. Price Range at IDR3000-IDR4000, a 50% discount to IDR6,000 pre reversed stock in 2008. (RUMORS ON STREET)

Penjualan kendaraan turun, saham ASII sempat tergelincir 2,9%

CPO tergerus setelah IMF pangkas proyeksi ekonomi global

ADHI masih menunggu pembayaran ganti rugi proyek monorel

Rupiah terseret mendekati level terlemah tujuh bulan

Rencana right issue menyeret saham CFIN ke level terendah 10 bulan\

Penjualan alat berat turun, UNTR terseret ke level terendah empat bulan

Analis Rekomendasikan 'Buy' Saham BRMS

Penjualan Alat Berat Agustus Naik, 'Hold' UNTR

Penjualan Kendaraan Agustus Turun, Hold ASII

KSEI Tutup 43 Ribu Lebih Rekening Tidur

CS INDO::: Telekomunikasi Indonesia: A Liquid Way to Play The Indonesian Cellular Recovery
United Tractors: Expected MoM Slowdown on the Back of Seasonality
Astra International: August Auto Sales Volumes Drop, as Expected, Due to Seasonality. Colin maintains his Outperform rating on Telkom (TLKM, O, PT Rp9,750), Indosat (ISAT, O, PT Rp7,900) and XL Axiata (EXCL, O, PT Rp7,200). With high operational gearing, all three companies should benefit from higher earnings amid rising revenue.

JAKARTA. Indonesia menaikkan bea keluar (BK) minyak kelapa sawit alias crude palm oil (CPO) menjadi 16,5% untuk bulan Oktober 2011. Bulan ini, BK CPO  sebesar 15%. Namun, pemerintah tidak menaikkan BK kakao. "BK kakao tetap 10%," ujar Dedy Saleh Direktur Jenderal Perdagangan Luar Negeri Kementerian Perdagangan hari ini (21/9).

Bloomberg: Palm Oil Falls as Much as 0.8% to 3,043 Ringgit a Metric Ton

Bloomberg: Asia Stocks Drop After IMF Cuts Growth Forecast; Hang Seng Slips

Bloomberg: Conference Board China Leading Index Rises for at Least 7th Mon

Bloomberg: AKR to Invest 800b Rupiah for Expansion Until 2012, Bisnis Says

Bloomberg: Clipan Seeks to Raise 468.6 Billion Rupiah in Oct. Rights Offer

Inilah Menu Saham Pilihan Rabu (21/9)

Rekomendasi Saham
IHSG Berpotensi Menguat Perlahan

Ruang sempit IHSG

Inilah Saham-saham yang Bakal Menguat Hari Ini

Kinerja ASRI bakal kian manis berkat Pasar Kemis

Sepanjang Agustus, penjualan alat berat UNTR turun 19%

Cermati,!Temasek Tambah Kepemilikan di Danamon

ASII Tetap Rajai Penjualan Mobil Agustus 2011

Kinerja Melesat, TINS Bakal Menuju Rp3.000

ALMI Rencana Akuisisi Usaha Aluminium Malaysia

Tunggu Hasil Fed, Saham Asia Mayoritas Tumbang

Saham Cenderung Naik Rame-Rame

Saham-saham Unggulan Menguji Level Resistance

Solusi Tunas dan SMR IPO oktober

BRPT lepas 7,13% saham TPIA

LPPF baru pakai capex Rp 90 miliar

Dow Jones ditutup positif saat pasar menanti kebijakan The Twist dari Fed

CDS Indonesia naik, harga SUN tertekan

INAF menyiapkan Rp 50 miliar untuk menggenjot produksi

Anak usaha BRPT realisasikan capex US$ 22 juta

ELSA catatkan kontrak US$ 108 juta hingga Agustus 2011

UOB Kayhian says Indonesian banks are resilient to the global crisis as their direct exposure to European countries and the U.S. that are facing an economic problem is relatively small. According to data from Bank Indonesia, total exposure to the Europe and U.S. makes up only 3.13% of all Indonesian banks’ total assets. UOB also says that recent central bank's move requiring exporters to deposit their exports earnings in domestic Indonesian banks, effective 1 October, will be positive for local banking industry as it will add liquidity to the banking system and bring in additional revenue for the banks.

Trades of the Day...
CIMB mempertahankan rating Gudang Garam (GGRM) pada OUTPERFORM dengan target harga 2011 sebesar Rp56500 dan Rp67800 untuk 2012, atau sekitar 22.2-18.5x FY12-13 PER. Excise tax pada 2012 budget menunjukan bahwa pajak cukai akan menguntungkan produsen MRC skala besar, konsisten dengan 4 tahun terakhir. GGRM akan terus meningkatkan pangsa pasar dan mempertahankan margin. Resiko utama adalah growth outlook dan kegagalan panen cengkih pada 2012

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