Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Bloody Weeks is Coming To An End or It's Just A Beginning

Don't Miss These Three Year-End Trading Strategies
Before yesterday's Thanksgiving leftovers even got cold many U.S. consumers ventured out to catch the best Black Friday deals, already worried about how much this holiday shopping season will cost them. But instead of fretting over how much you'll spend this year, now's the time to focus on how much more you can earn.

Euro Meltdown: This One European Country Can Bring Down The Entire EU
And The Rest Of The Global Economy With It
It's been a rough few weeks for the Eurozone. Portugal is still in trouble, Spain will be back on the coals after its elections, and if I were a bond trader, I would be shorting Belgium, which has serious deficit and debt problems, runs for months at a time without a government and is in some danger of splitting apart into its French and Flemish bits.

10 Signs That Fossil Fuels Are Changing The Commodities Market
There are a number of different aspects in Commodity markets which are far outpacing expectations, and changing market dynamics because of it. Here are ten of them:


The global economy is heading for a massive amount of trouble in the months ahead.  Right now we are seeing the beginning of a credit crunch that is shaping up to be very reminiscent of what we saw back in 2008.

12 Eerie Quotes From Wall Street Pros About The Coming Global Financial Collapse
Is the world on the verge of another massive global financial collapse?  Yes.  The western world is drowning in an ocean of debt unlike anything the world has ever seen before, and our financial markets are gigantic casinos that are dependent on huge mountains of risk and leverage remaining very stable.

Weekly Bull/Bear Recap: Thanksgiving Edition, 2011
Risk markets are losing their patience.  The Eurozone situation is approaching a major climax.  This is by far the most important story to follow in the coming days and weeks.  U.S. Economic data has been quite encouraging and the economy remains muddling along. 

Japan ‘May Be’ Close to a Downgrade: S&P

Fitch Ratings cut Portugal’s debt rating to “junk” status. After markets closed, Standard & Poor’s dealt yet another blow to Eurozone debt, cutting Belgium’s rating to AA from AA+.  S&P cited growing doubts that Belgium will be able to reduce its debt load as the continent’s economic situation deteriorates. Meanwhile, Moody’s Investors Service lowered Hungary’s debt rating to junk on Thursday, and Greece reportedly was trying to drive a harder bargain with creditors as it negotiates to have a large portion of its debt forgiven.

Why the Collapse of MF Global Should Frighten You

I try to not do apocalyptic posts because I do not want to unduly alarm our readers. But I can’t dodge this one because I believe the subject is genuinely disturbing. I apologize for springing this on you all at Thanksgiving — a time when we should all be enjoying being with family and friends, instead of worrying about our finances and the condition of our country’s economy.

World Economies In 2012
GDP and PPP by Country
GDP trillion    PPP          GDP per head   PPP per head
United States 15.6             15.6         $49340        $49340
China          8.13            12.3          $6120         $9280
Japan          6.41             4.5         $50830        $36000
Germany        3.49             3.2         $43740        $40280
France         2.73             2.3         $42930        $36220
UK             2.51             2.3         $39770        $36310
Brazil         2.50             2.4         $12850        $12500
India          2.37             5.1          $1940         $4170
Italy          2.20             2.0         $36100        $32700
Russia         1.93             2.5         $13650        $17750
Canada         1.79             1.5         $51530        $41860
Spain          1.54             1.5         $33180        $32140
Australia      1.40             1.0         $61040        $42130
South Korea    1.25             1.6         $25010        $31770
Mexico         1.10             2.0          $9570        $17700
Indonesia      0.99             1.2          $3990         $4900

Jim Rogers: I Am Short Stocks (US Technology, Emerging Markets And Europe)
Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

Bloomberg has reported that Venezuela will receive the first shipment of gold reserves being repatriated from U.S., Canadian and European banks today.

Presenting The Latest Hedge Fund Hotel:
These Are The Most Beloved Stocks By Hedge Funds At September 30
Every quarter, Goldman's David Kostin conveniently compiles a list of the 50 stock that "matter the most" to hedge funds, which is simply a polite way to define the "hedge fund hotel", or the companies which are expected to generate the most alpha.

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