Friday, November 11, 2011

More Spooky News. You Can Run But You Can't Hide...

How Much Cash Should You Hold?
As you might imagine, I receive a lot of questions from readers around the world and right now the question I'm being asked most frequently is, "How much cash should I be holding?"

Could the Euro Trigger A 2008-Like Crash? Si, Oui, Yes.
If we dispense with all the fancy stuff, we end up with a simple see-saw with the euro and global equities on one end and the much-hated U.S. dollar on the other.

Peter Schiff - The US is in Worse Shape than Italy
With gold, silver still consolidating recent gains, today King World News interviewed Peter Schiff, CEO of Europacific Capital.  When asked about rumors of gold sales from Italy and how this might impact the gold market, Schiff responded.

The euro crisis might wake Europe up. 
But more likely, argues Edward Carr, it will lead to compromise and decline
WHEN BRITAIN ABANDONED the gold standard in 1931, it was not only forsaking a system for managing the currency but also acknowledging that it could no longer bear the mantle of empire.

Roubini: Italy Is Doomed And Will Exit EMU Unless ECB, Germany Step In
With the European sovereign debt crisis escalating dramatically, after Italian bond yields hit record highs on Wednesday and France’s bond spread over German bunds continues to widen, the possibility that the EU will fail to find a solution and will be forced to break up is now very real.

65% Chance of Banking Crisis by End of Month: Researchers
There is a 65 percent chance of a banking crisis between November 23-26 following a Greek default and a run on the Italian banking system, according to analysts at Exclusive Analysis, a research firm that focuses on global risks.

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