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Laporan & Rumor Saham Indonesia 09-01 (Refresh)

2nd session JCI on 09.01.12
(H: 3890.19 ; L: 3848.34 )
Value: 3.755T (NG 707.900 B ) 
Volume: 4.012B (NG 458.570 M )
Foreign Nett Buy: 32.94 B 
Incl. Crossing:
BBCA @7950 ~ IDR 140 B (F vs F)
USD/IDR : 9140 (On Shore)
                     9185 (Off Shore)

JCI for tomorrow:
Support: 3820; 3789         
Resistance: 3906; 3925 

FINANCE. (+1.20%)(1239.085 B )
MANUFACTUR(-0.04%)(792.632 B )
INFRASTRUC(+0.99%)(475.864 B )
PROPERTY. (+0.87%)(466.771 B )
MINING. (+0.49%)(372.127 B )
TRADE. (+0.12%)(340.601 B )

BBRI. @6938. (56.35 B )
INTP. @18349(42.18 B )
UNTR. @26653(18.78 B )
INDF. @4773. (15.64 B )
UNVR. @19580 (15.24 B )
CPIN. @2229. (11.42 B )

BBNI. @3706. (181.24 B )
GGRM. @60544(28.21 B )
JSMR. @4275. (19.79 B )
ASRI. @506. (17.75 B )
SSIA. @863. (17.65 B )
ITMG. @38931. (9.01 B )

BBNI. @3725. (-1.32%)
ASII. @76000(-1.68%)
BBRI. @7000. (+1.44%)
BDMN. @4800. (+10.34%)
BMRI. @6700. (0.00%)
PADI. @550. (+39.24%)
UNTR. @26950(+0.56%)
TLKM. @7050. (+1.43%)

ELTY. @142. (776.020 M )
PADI-W@215. (238.588 M )
PADI. @550. (234.352 M )
ASRI. @500. (202.217 M )
ENRG. @196. (176.810 M )
BNBR. @51. (172.726 M )
ELTY-W@1. (166.281 M )
LCGP. @78. (143.670 M )

Asing Bawa IHSG Menguat 0,5% ke 3.889

Aksi Borong Jelang Penutupan, IHSG Menguat 19 Poin

Tutup Perdagangan Awal Pekan, IHSG Berbalik Arah

Tenaga Kerja AS Plus Eropa Benamkan Rupiah

TMPI Jadi Saham Teraktif, Senin (9/1)

Dahlan Iskan Minta Semen Gresik Ekspansi ke Luar Negeri

IMF: Eropa akan Terhindar dari Resesi

BI: Bayar Cicilan Tak Boleh Pakai Kartu Kredit

Surya Esa Perkasa targetkan Rp 150 miliar dari IPO

Citigroup pangkas proyeksi harga emas tahun ini sebesar 12%

Bloomberg: Bank Danamon Gains Most in More Than 3 Years in Jakarta Trading

Indonesia Starts Sale of Benchmark-Sized 30-Year Dollar Bonds

Indonesia’s December Tin Exports Jumps to 15,102.76 Metric Tons

Fitch Rates Indonesia’s Upcoming Global Bonds Due 2042 ’BBB-’

Indonesia 2012 Palm Oil Output May Rise to 25.7 Million Tons


Sesi I
Investor Menanti Pertemuan Eropa, IHSG Turun 14 Poin

Seiring Regional, IHSG Melemah 0,3%

Terancam Delisting, SIMM Bakal Ganti Bisnis

IHSG Tembus 3.821, Wajib Bersihkan Posisi!

Kolom Aidil Akbar
Melihat Prospek Tahun 2012

BEI perkirakan lima perusuahaan go public di kuartal I 2012

Tak jadi mogok kerja, karyawan JSMR naik gaji

Lelang SUN diprediksi menggenjot harga obligasi di pekan ini

09 Januari Listing PT Minna Padi Investama, Kode "PADI" & "PADI-W" Harga Perdana Rp 395,- dan awal Perdagangan PADI-W (harga tebus Rp 450,-), Sub Underwriter : PT Ciptadana Securities, Dinamika Usahajaya, PT Panca Global Securities Tbk, China CPI and PPI [Jan 09-13] (Dec): We expect CPI inflation to ease only marginally to 4.1%Y (4.2%Y in Nov) but look for a sharper drop in PPI inflation to 1.5%Y (from 2.7%Y). German industrial production (Nov): We look for a drop of -0.5%M (0.8%M in Oct), putting the 4Q reading at -1.5%Q. Merkozy meeting: The German Chancellor and the French President meet in Berlin to prepare the euro area summit on Jan 30. Main focus: the ‘fiscal compact’of the 26 countries and the bilateral IMF loans. Press conference scheduled for 12.30 GMT.

*Indo Tambangraya Target Cut To IDR37,300 Vs IDR54,500 By Nomura

DBS Vickers::: Regional Banks Defensive strategy favoured Emerging ASEAN banks remain in favour despite cheaper valuations for Singapore banks; Malaysian banks are our 1Q12 contrarian picks for downside protection. Indonesian banks will be resilient in 2012 led by domestic drivers, but policy risk could derail upside. Switch to Singapore and Thai banks in 2H12. Preference for 1Q12: Malaysian, Indonesian, Singapore , followed by Thai banks. Top picks: MAY, BBRI, OCBC, BBL.

12 Januari BI Rate, GOLDEN ENERGY MINES RUPSLB, Listing Ipo Tiphone Mobile Int (250-350) Golden Energy Mines Rupslb, Rupslb Fren, Indonesia monetary policy decision: Looking for a 25bp cut, to 5.75%. UK MPC meeting: On hold at 0.50%, with further QE likely in February. ECB Council Meeting and Press Conference: On hold at 1.00%. ECB is likely to wait at least until February before cutting again. Also, no further non-standard measures expected today. France consumer prices (Dec): We expect a decline from 2.5%Y in Nov to 2.3%Y. UK industrial production (Nov): We forecast manufacturing weakness to drive a decline of 0.3%M (-0.7%M in Oct). US retail sales (Dec): We forecast a headline gain of 0.5%M (0.2%M in Nov) while the market expects 0.2%M. Peru monetary policy decisionn hold at 4.25%

Bumi Serpong Damai (BSDE, Not Rated): To Acquire Land Banks Outside Java BSDE will allocate Rp200 bn from internal cash and pre-marketing sales to acquire a number of land banks in Samarinda, Sumatra and Surabaya. BSDE is targeting to acquire ~200 ha of land bank annually for its business expansion. At present BSDE owns 3,400 ha of land and 4,800 ha of land on consolidated basis. BSDE targets 2012 revenue and net profit of 3.3 tn and Rp900 bn respectively in 2012, vs Rp2.75 tn and Rp750 bn in 2011. Sales commentary: BSDE’s top and bottom line stood at Rp2.08 tn and Rp620 bn respectively in 9M11, which is 76% and 83% of company’s 2011 targets. BSDE is the largest, publicly-publicly listed property company, in terms of land bank, (Credit Suisse - selengkapnya email)

Bloomberg: Bumi Serpong Allocates 200b Rupiah for Land Acquisition: Bisnis

Agung Podomoro Land 2011 Net May Have Gained 127%, Daily Reports

Asian Stocks Decline as Bullard Says New Fed Buying Is Unlikely

Rupiah Drops to Six-Week Low as Europe Crisis Deters Risk-Taking

Indonesian Banks’ 2012 Loan Growth Estimate Raised to 20% at BNP

Inilah Saham Pilihan Senin (9/1)

Krisis Eropa Belum Usai, IHSG Melemah 8 Poin

Rekomendasi Saham
IHSG Lanjutkan Konsolidasi

Minna Padi Catatkan Saham Perdana dengan Kode PADI

IPO Pertama 2012, Saham PADI Naik 29.11%

January Effect Belum Pasti Akan Terjadi

IHSG 4.000, Berpeluang Dicapai Akhir Pekan

Saham Potensi Apresiasi di Awal Pekan

Cermati Saham BKSL

IHSG masih Cenderung Tertekan

Pasar Semringah atas Tenaga Kerja AS

BUMN dengan Fundamental Baik Diharapkan IPO

HRUM Anggarkan Capex US$30 juta pada 2012

Bapepam Proses Aksi Korporasi 5 Perusahaan

Pemegang saham HERO restui stock split

CMPP akan menambah armada sebanyak 1.000 unit di 2012

Jual anak usaha, BNBR optimistis cetak laba

IHSG Sepekan Menguat 1,58%

Ini Dia 15 Pemilik Emas Terbanyak Dunia

Rupiah dihantui momok BI rate

Euro loyo sebelum Merkel dan Sarkozy menggelar pertemuan

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