Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laporan Rumor & Saham Indonesia 23-02

2nd session on JCI 02.23.12
@ 3,958.809 (-36.215pts) (-0.907%)
H: 3,994.659 ; L: 3,953.426
Value: 4.14 T (NG 783.91 B)
Volume: 5.02 B (NG 1.97 B)
Foreign Nett Sell: 121.12 B 

5 most active stocks by value:
ASII @ 70,850 (-2.07%)
BMRI @ 6,300 (-2.33%)
ITMG @ 43,400 (-0.23%)
BUMI @ 2,500 (-0.99%)
BBNI @ 3,625 (-0.68%)

5 most active stocks by volume:
ENRG @ 195 (+0.52%)
FREN @ 108 (-15.63%)
DEWA @ 89 (-3.26%)
ELTY @ 134 (-0.74%)
PNLF @ 144 (+2.86%)

5 most up:
ZBRA @ 181 (+34.07%)
MYOH @ 3,675 (+21.49%)
DSSA @ 17,700 (+16.07%)
FAST @ 13,500 (+8.00%)
IDKM @ 3,700 (+5.71%)

5 most down:
SAIP @ 250 (-19.35%)
FREN @ 108 (-15.63%)
GSMF @ 100 (-13.04%)
KOIN @ 198 (-10.00%)
HITS @ 245 (-9.26%)

5 Leading movers:
DSSA @ 17,700 (+2.16%)
GGRM @ 53,650 (+1.98%)
MYOH @ 3,675 (+1.09%)
SMGR @ 11,250 (+1.02%)
BSDE @ 1,210 (+0.60%)

5 Lagging movers:
ASII @ 70,850 (-6.95%)
UNVR @ 18,550 (-5.24%)
UNTR @ 28,250 (-4.05%)
BMRI @ 6,300 (-3.96%)
PGAS @ 3,650 (-3.47%)

Asing Net Sell, IHSG Turun 0,9% ke 3.959 

Sembilan Sektor Jatuh, IHSG Ambles 36 Poin

BEI Siap Bekukan Akun Saham Nazaruddin

ARTI Jadi Saham Teraktif Kamis (23/2)

3 Sekuritas BUMN Disetujui Lepas Saham Garuda

Dua Pemegang Saham JAWA Raih Dana Rp520,7 M

IHSG Longsor, Belum Saatnya Cut Loss?

LPKR Berhasil Jual 50% Lippo Office Tower

Laba Bersih AALI Naik 12,5% Jadi Rp2,4 T di 2011

2012, HITS akan tambah dua kapal tongkang

Semester I, pasar saham domestik diramal stagnan

BIPI berniat gunakan waran untuk bayar akuisisi

United Tractors Falls Most in Two Weeks as January Sales Drop

Palm Oil Expected to Be Above $1,300 by Midyear, Coleman Says

Asing Net Sell, IHSG Sesi I Ditutup Turun 0,56%

Sesi I
Profit Taking Berlanjut, IHSG Terkoreksi 22 Poin

Cermati Peluang di Tengah Koreksi IHSG

INTP Produksi 20,5-20,6 Juta Ton Semen di 2013

Borong OWK Rp 1 Triliun, Dian Swastatika Calon Pemegang Saham Smartfren

BI: BBM Naik Rp 1.500, Inflasi Bisa di Atas 5,5%

Bloomberg: Buy Indian Stocks on Weakness, Sell Indonesia on Strength: UBS

Indo Tambangraya, Permata, Tractors: Indonesia Equity Preview

Indonesia Stock Movers: Indo Tambangraya, Timah, United Tractors


Tin Exports From Indonesia in Quarter Seen at Lowest Since 2010

Bakrie Sumatera Expects Revenue to Rise to 6T Rupiah: Bisnis

Rupiah Drops a Third Day After Foreigners Cut Debt Holdings

Indonesia Dry Season in Most Regions to Start in May: Agency

Indonesia Inflation May Exceed Target on Fuel Price, BI Says

Indo Tambangraya Gains to Three-Month High as Net Income Jumps

Palm Oil Gains as Much as 0.4% to 3,263 Ringgit a Metric Ton

Rubber Futures Decline 0.2% to 337.0 Yen/Kg in Tokyo

Sentimen Buruk, IHSG Dibuka Turun 0,61%

Rekomendasi Saham
Krisis Eropa Masih 'Hantui' Pergerakan IHSG

Inilah Rekomendasi Saham Pilihan Kamis (23/2)

Dibayangi Krisis Eropa, Saham Bank Jegal Wall Street

IHSG Loyo, Saham Tambang Dijagokan

Penjualan melempem, asing melepas saham UNTR

Pertama dalam lima hari, saham TINS tergerus

Harga emas mendaki ke level tertinggi tiga bulan'

FREN terkejut harga reverse stock Rp 400

BNLI siap mengakuisisi perusahaan finansial

Targetkan kenaikan kontrak, saham PTPP diburu

Samuel Sekuritas Targetkan Harga UNTR di Rp25 Ribu

Kesempatan Koleksi Saham Big Cap dan Second Liner

Nusantara Regas Tambah Sewa Kapal TRAM

Laba Sesuai Estimasi, Buy Saham ITMG

BEI Buka Suspensi ZBRA

Minyak Makin Mahal, Laba AirAsia Anjlok 46% di 2011

Waduh! Utang Pemerintah Naik Lagi Jadi Rp 1.837 Triliun

Harga BBM Naik Rp 1.500, Pemerintah Hemat Rp 57 Triliun

Pelaku Industri Tak Keberatan Harga BBM Naik

Bincang Saham: Stock Shot. 23/02: 10.00 wib. Indovision Ch 95/Okevision Ch 99.

Salah satu pilihan saham favorite ES Kamis ini adlh PT Indo Tambangraya Megah
Tbk (ITMG) yg mencetak laba bersih 2011 USD551,30 juta (+191,50%) dibanding
periode 2010 senilai USD189,12 juta dmn kenaikan laba ini didorong naiknya
penjualan bersih perseroan USD2,38 miliar (+45.12%) dibanding 2010 senilai
USD1,64 miliar. Selain itu, ITMG mencatatkan laba usaha USD706,91 juta (+94.79%)
dibanding periode 2010 sebesar US$362,90 juta.

DOW 12938.67 -0.21%
NAS 2933.17 -0.52%
S&P 1357.66 -0.33%
OIL 106.03 -0.2%
GOLD 1779.1 +1.17%
TIN.24050. -0.58%
CPO 3216. -0.56%
TLK.31.12 (Rp.7040)
IIT.30.14 (Rp.5455)

Tiga Pilar FY11 net profit rises 30%Posted: 21 Feb 2012 06:05 PM

Rice and noodle maker PT Tiga Pilar Sejahtera Food Tbk (AISA) booked a 30%
increase  in net profit last year of Rp98 billion from Rp75.23 billion a year
earlier. Finance Director Sjambiri Lioe at Tiga Pilar said the company has not
accomplished the audit of the financial report. "The net profit is nearly Rp98
billion," he said as quoted by Bisnis Indonesia today.
In line with the bottom line growth, Tiga Pilar's net sales also rose 155% to
nearly Rp1.8 trillion from Rp705.21 billion.
Tiga Pilar yesterday was closed at Rp475 a share with the market capitalization
of Rp1.38 trillion. The stocks are traded at 6.56 times.

Berau Coal: No plan for rights issue
Coal miner PT Berau Coal Energy Tbk (BRAU) today clarified that the company does
not plan to hold rights issue.
According to the company's announcement published today, the issue of 3.40
billion new shares has been realized during the IPO last year.  
On Friday last week, the company said it was seeking an approval from its
shareholders regarding to a transfer authority to board of commissioner for 3.40
billion of new shares issuance or nearly 10% of outstanding shares.
Such matter will be discussed during an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on
March 6 2012 with two other agendas, said Berau's management in a disclosure to
Indonesia Stock Exchange late last week.

Agenda 23 Februari
ASRI Launching Baru Di Proyek Serpong,
Pemerintah akan menjual surat berharga syariah negara atau sukuk negara dengan
target indikatif Rp1 triliun melalui lelang,
Initial Claims, FHFA Housing Price Index, Crude Invetories,Jobless claims, FHFA
home price index, oil inventories, 7-yr note auction, Apple shareholders
meeting; Earnings from Hormel, Kohl's Target, AIG, Gap

HOTNEWS!:: BLTA akan menyelesaikan pembayaran hutang dengan melakukan prioritas
ke 2 bank terlebih dahulu BMRI dan BBNI. BUY! (Source: Investor Relation BMRI
dan BBNI

Fitch ratings agency on Wednesday slashed its rating for Greek sovereign debt to
"C" from "CCC," indicating that default is "highly likely in the near term."

Jakarta - PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk (ITMG) mencatatkan kenaikan laba bersih
hingga 167,51% dari US$204,15 juta pada 2010 menjadi US$546,12 juta pada 2

Technical View( - 23 Februari 2012)
DJIA turun tipis 27,0 (0,21%), karena anggapan bahwa Eropa masih belum pulih
dengan beberapa data ekonomi yang belum membaik. Sementara isu seputar kenaikan
harga BBM dalam negeri beserta BLT, mulai diperhitungkan di BEI. IHSG memiliki
level support 3.940 dan level resisten 4.012. Sell on strength.

DWAC Online Trading System -D'COINS memaparkan beberapa saham,  dengan pola
trading,  dari sisi teknis grafik, antara lain;

1. JSMR; harga berpotensi naik lagi menuju Rp. 5.000, jika berhasil menembus Rp.
4.800. Level support Rp 4.625; 4.525. Buy on weakness.

2. BBNI; trend harga masih turun, kecuali bisa melewati Rp. 3.750. Support Rp
3.575, 3.500. Resisten Rp. 3.750, 3.825. Sell on strength

3. JPFA; potensi naik masih terbuka, jika harga menembus diatas Rp. 4.350.
Support Rp 4.100, 4.000 Resisten Rp 4.350, 4.500. Buy on weakness

4. RALS; trend harga masih naik menuju Rp 900an. Level Rp 840; 800 sebagai
Support . Resisten Rp 890, 940. Buy on weakness

5. LSIP; Target harga berikut menuju Rp. 2.900. Support Rp 2.625, 2.575 Resisten
Rp 2.750, 2.850. Buy on weakness

6. PTPP; trend harga naik, sehingga akan menuju Rp 720an, jika melewati Rp. 670
Support Rp 620, 600. Resisten Rp 670, 700. Buy on weakness.

Saham-saham pilihan lainnya antara lain, CTRP, KIJA, MDLN, RAJA, GJTL, BWPT,

BNI TA 23-02
Signal Bear Hook Reversal & Overbought Masih Bebani Kinerja IHSG.
IHSG di tutup melemah di 3.995 (Range 3.979-4.002). Momentum koreksi penurunan
IHSG diperkirakan masih terbuka, didukung signal overbought di stochastic, bear
market rally, trend volume menurun, pola Rectangle, candle Bearish Hook
Reversal, meski penutupan diatas 3.992 (Pivot Point), dukung ekspektasi kenaikan
terbatas dan dapat picu profit taking lebih lanjut. Resist:
4.008/4.016/4.025/4.040. Support: 3.979/3.965/3.951/3.926. Perkiraan range 3.960
- 4.010.


Berita" dr Bisnis Indonesia::\


Stock Pick
BORN- Borneo
Buy if break 860, target 900-920, proteksi 830

ADRO- Adaro Energi - Pola Cup'Handle
Buy if break 2000, target 2200-2250, proteksi 1920

Siapkan trailing stop 1 tick diatas harga beli kemarin.

Second Linears:
Buy if break 590, target 650-670, proteksi 560

Buy if break 3500, target 3625-3700, proteksi 3450

MPPA- Matahari Putra Prima
Buy if break 950, target 980-1020, proteksi 920


RUMOR 23 Februari 2012
ARTI Akuisisi Tambang Emas?
SEJUMLAH pelaku pasar disebut-sebut bakal mengerek saham PT Ratu Prabu Energi
Tbk (ARTI) menembus level Rp 600 dalam waktu dekat. Ini terkait rencana roadshow
perseroan ke mancanegara untuk menjaring investor strategis. Kabarnya, perseroan
akan mengakuisisi tambang emas dan batubara dengan menggandeng perusahaan
Afrika. Kemarin, saham ARTI naik Rp 65 (24%) menjadi Rp 335

Akumulasi GDST
BERDASARKAN kabar di pasar, konsorsium fund manager asing sedang mengakumulasi
saham PT Gunawan Dianjaya Steel Tbk (GDST), seiring keberhasilan perseroan
meraup kontrak jangka panjang proyek infrastruktur. Selain itu, seorang pelaku
pasar menuturkan, GDST sedang dilirik perusahaan Thailand. Dalam jangka pendek,
saham GDST berpotensi menembus Rp 300. Saham GDST kemarin naik Rp 4 (2,99%)
menjadi Rp 138

Thursday (23/02) Early BIRD Technical Prespective (Edwin Sebayang-MNC

IDX-Composite 3968-4015
Pola Hangin' Man terbentuk atas IDX mengindikasikan berkurangnya aksi beli
ditengah munculnya tekanan jual.

Thursday Stocks Pick:
ITMG 42800-44350
Pola White Spinning Tops terbentuk atas ITMG mengindikasikan bullish reversal.
BUY 43250

INTA 800-890
Pola Two White Soldiers dgn Volume besar terbentuk atas INTA mengindikasikan
Excess Demand & Bullish Continuation. BUY 820

TINS 1980-2125
Pola Two White Soldiers dgn Volume besar terbentuk atas TINS mengindikasikan
Excess Demand & Bullish Continuation. BUY 2000

PGAS 3650-3900
Pola White Closing Marubozu terbentuk atas PGAS mengindikasikan Bullish
Continuation. BUY 3750

BRAU 450-540
Pola Two White Soldiers dgn Volume terbesar sepanjang ini terbentuk atas BRAU
mengindikasikan Excess Demand & Bullish Continuation. BUY 475

GTBO 690-780
Pola Two White Soldiers dgn Volume besar terbentuk atas GTBO mengindikasikan
Excess Demand & Bullish Continuation. BUY 720

BBNI 3575-3725
Pola White Marubozu terbentuk atas BBNI mengindikasikan excess demand & bullish
continuation. BUY 3625

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