Sunday, July 11, 2010

Elliott Wave: Would You Recognize a Stock Market Top?

Skilled Analysis Can "Get You Out" Close to the Peak
"Hear ye, Hear ye, the market toppeth this very hour!" Many a fortune would be intact if such announcements were audible at market tops. Alas, there are no such proclamations, so tops come and trends change -- unrecognized by most until it's way too late.

The Stock Market's Wave Structure: History Repeating
For those of us living in the United States, there's definitely one thing getting barbecued this holiday weekend: porterhouse stock values. To wit: On June 30, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed out Q2 of 2010 with seven straight negative trading sessions. History shows this was the market's longest losing streak since October 2008 AND worst pre-July 4th week in percentage terms (down 5%) since Charles Dow founded the index in 1896.
Germany's DAX: "Bullish Possibility Has Faded"
After spiking to 6359 on June 21, Germany's DAX, the European Union's benchmark stock index, has fallen to as low as 5826.

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