Sunday, August 15, 2010

Technical Analysis of Stocks/Commodity (Double Dip / Double Down?)

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Traders Should Watch Yen’s Gain Versus Yuan: Technical Analysis
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U.S. 10-Year Note Resistance at 2.62% Yield: Technical Analysis
Crude Oil Weekly Technical Outlook
Gold Weekly Technical Outlook
Fibonacci Counts:  The market has traded very nicely compared to Fibonacci numbers from peaks and troughs.  The next couple days are a perfect time based on the Fibonacci count of 144 days to complete the right shoulder from the left shoulder.  The RSI provides room for this to occur.

SPX-daily:  The market has been tracing out a potential head and shoulders topping pattern for weeks.  I had two different time frames for that right shoulder, which included July 31st and August 6/9th.  August 10-11th is Fibonacci 143/144 days between left and right shoulders.  The chart below reflects the market has maintained price inside the wedge and below the prior high in red and the 62% retracement level in black.  It’s also below the upper Bollinger Band, which coincides with the retracement level of 62%.  I’d really like to see the right shoulder finish a tad below the upper band, as that fits well within the book, “Bollinger on Bollinger Bands” on the correlation of a right shoulder and Bollinger Bands.

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