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Be Ready For Workshop Combo Technical Analysis (CTA) Saham++: November-Desember 2010

Berhubung dengan kesibukan trainer/penulis blogger Gallery Saham Mania ini di bulan Oktober, kemungkinan besar pelaksanaan Workshop New Style of Combo Technical Analysis (CTA) untuk Basic - Intermediate - Advanced, baru dapat dilaksanakan 20 -22 November 2010 (09.30 - 17.00 WIB). Harap maklum. Terima kasih atas perhatiannya. 

Detail Modul Training: Basic - Intermediate - Advanced
(Paket Modul sewaktu2 bisa berubah), All in 3 Days
Harga Paket / Training : I - Rp 3.000.000 (Basic Only); II - Rp 5,000,000.00 (Basic & Intermediate / Advanced Only) & III - 7.500,000.00  (Basic-Intermediate-Advanced)
New Requests: Intermediate - Advanced (1) Rp 5.000.000,00. 
Advanced (II +  III) = Rp 5.000.000,00


CTA akan mengajarkan peserta workshop untuk mengetahui 3 W (What = apa yang dibeli dari 420 saham di BEI yang memiliki prospek kenaikan); (Where = di posisi berapa entry dan exit); (When = kapan kita mengetahui target Short Term hingga Long Term - Target waktu untuk exit posisi sesuai dengan reward 5 : risk 1) sesuai kebutuhan dan waktu yang diperlukan yang bisa dilakukan untuk intraday swing trading, short sell, gap trading, speculative trading, buy & hold hingga investasi 1-5-10 tahun.

CTA dapat dilakukan dengan platform: ChartNexus, Meta Trader  (The Most Recommended Free), Metastock, Reuters, Bloomberg,, amibroker, RTI, Esmart, IQplus.

Bagi yang berminat untuk mengikuti Workshop / Training CTA dapat menghubungi melalui email ( / by SMS (081319611900 an. Andri Zakarias S). 

Introduction to Technical Analysis
    * History of Technical Analysis
    * Basics of Technical Analysis
    * Supply/Demand Philosophy

Reversal/Continuation Patterns
    * Dow Theory, Old and New
    * Head and Shoulders
    * Triangles, Wedges
    * Rectangles, Pennants
    * Measurement Rules
    * Double/Triple Tops and Bottoms
    * Diamonds, Climaxes
    * Cases

Trend Analysis/Momentum
    * Definition of Trends
    * Speedlines, Fans, Channels
    * Support/Resistance
    * Saucers, Gaps
    * Moving averages, double, triple
    * Envelopes, Bollinger bands
    * ROC, MACD, RSI, other stochastics
    * Trading: day, swing, asset allocation, investing
    * Cases

Relative Strength and Volume
    * Relative Strength
    * DMI
    * Volume: OBV and other measures
    * Money flow
    * Introduction to option strategies with technical analysis
    * Statistical and probability concepts
    * Cases

Moving averages
    * Double crossover, Japanese crosses, Triple crossovers, envelope model
    * Bollinger Bands

Intermarket Analysis
    * Fixed Income, Commodities, and Currencies
    * Ten-Year Treasury Yields
    * CRB Index
    * Continuous Commodity Index
    * Journal of Commerce Index
    * US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Yen
    * Cross Currencies

Point and Figure and Gann; Elliott Wave Theory
    * Point and figure construction methods
      -The Wheelan method
      -The Cohen approach
    * Reversal criteria
    * Measurement tools, such as horizontal, vertical, pole
    * GANN, Wyckoff
    * Elliott Wave: characteristics and measurement objectives
    * Patterns and ratio aspects
    * Fibonacci numbers & Sequence
    * Cases

Others Analysis:
Market Profile, Volume Bar, NeoWave

Cycles/Sentiment and Behavioral
    * Types of cycles: including Kondratieff, Kitchin and others
    * Cycles concepts: summation, harmonicity, synchronicity, proportionality
    * Classifications
    * Use with other technical indicators
    * Creation of technical patterns with cycles
    * Bubbles - USA, Japan, China
    * Sentiment surveys: traders and investors
    * Sentiment indicators: levels, money flows, supply/demand, fear/greed measures
    * Put/call ratio
    * Short index
    * Insider activity
    * TED, VIX
    * Behavioral concepts

Japanese Candlesticks and Ethics/Professional Management
    * Candle types
    * Candle sequences
    * Blending with western charts
    * Intensity, continuation, reversal types - special names, such as Marubozu, Spinning Tops, Doji, Dragon Fly, Hamari, Hanging Man, etc.
    * Blending/engulfing
    * Support/resistance
    * Candles and traditional charts
    * Ethics and professionalism
    * Portfolio management
    * Cases
    * Special statistical and portfolio theory appendix 

Portfolio Management
    * Technical Analysis Tools for Sentiment
    * Efficient Market Considerations
    * Short versus long trading strategies
    * Risk tools
    * Advanced Derivative Use and Technical Analysis

Style Strategy and Sector Analysis
    * Large-Cap vs. Small-Cap
    * Large-Cap vs. Mid-Cap
    * Mid-Cap vs. Small Cap
    * Growth vs. Value 

Fallen knives
Dead cat bounces
Managing winning/losing positions 
Combo MA (golden cross, silver cross, dead cross), Fibonacci (6 style), Pivots (2 in 3 style),  Zig zag, Fractal, TD Wave, Kaufman Pattern, Combo MACD. 

* Equity Fundamental & Economy (Macro & Micro) Analysis
* Bandarmology (Saham/Forex/Indeks Futures)
* Hedge Fund Activity (Domestic & Foreign)
* Rekomendasi Top 9 saham harian selama 1 bulan (IPO, Blue Chip & Gorengan)
* Analisa Technical & Sentiment Saham / Forex / Commodity (Investment) 2011-2015.  

Samples of My CTA of 11 Analysis 2005 -2010
Technical Analysis Chart Saham: 


Elliott Wave GSM (19 Position Profit berturut-turut) :

TD Wave: 

Market Profile: 

Volume Bar: 

Volatility Index:

Prospek Saham Indonesia & Investasi Global 2010 (Equity Outlook & Global Investment 2010. 
Download File

Workshop Technical Analysis Stock & Futures The 1st Half 2010 (IHSG, DJIA, EUR-USD, GBP-USD, HSI)
Download File

Global Market Outlook 2009

Workshop Saham IHSG & Global Market Outlook 2nd Half 2009

Pandangan Pasar Finansial Global 2008

Special Reports Investment Global H2 2005  

@Courtesy of Gallery Saham Mania:

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