Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update Weekend Investment News

Week Ahead: Earnings May Once More Rule the Stock Market
2010’s Best New Wall Street Analysts
Institutional Investor’s Most Successful Analysts
Cramer: Bears Can't Stop Us Now
Is VIX Pointing to a Market Correction?
30% Upside in This 'Stealth Bull Market': Portfolio Manager
Bonds Are in 'Structural Bull Market': Strategist
'Real Panic Going on' in Dollar Index: Charts
Are ‘Masters of the Universe’ Born or Bred?
Race to Devalue Would Be 'Fatal': ECB Official
Best Ways to Invest on Weak Dollar: Stock Picker
Oil & Gold Next Week

U.S. Stocks Gain for Second Week on Stimulus Bets, Earnings
Asian Stocks Rise for Seventh Week on Economic, Earnings Data
Emerging Stocks Fall From 28-Month High on U.S. Economy Concern
Asian Currencies Have Seventh Weekly Gain as Growth Lures Funds
Stocks’ Long-Term Slump Ending, Janney Says: Technical Analysis
S&P 500’s Rally to Continue, Concept Says: Technical Analysis
China Stock Rally May Falter at 3,000 Level: Technical Analysis
Pound May Extend Gains to Eight-Month High: Technical Analysis
Yen May Rally Beyond ‘95 High as BOJ Looms: Technical Analysis
Commodity Gains Prompted by More Than Dollar Drop, Barclays Says
Loonie Touches Parity for First Time Since April on Fed Outlook
Palm Oil Has Seventh Week of Advance, Longest Run in 19 Months
Commodities Rise for an Eighth Week, Longest Rally Since 1996
Analysts Split on Oil-Price Direction, Survey Shows (Update1)
Goldman Sachs Almost Doubles Precious-Metals Returns Forecast
Cohen Says Preconditions in Place for U.S. Stocks Rally: Video
What Could Cause the Next Recession;_ylt=AiSLNQeDRzOQ.DncdAQ7xSpO7sMF;_ylu=X3oDMTFic2w4b3NpBHBvcwMxMARzZWMDc3BlY2lhbEZlYXR1cmVzBHNsawN3aGF0Y291bGRjYXU-?x=0
Not All That Glitters Is Gold;_ylt=Aogl0ADsQSHMMfh3h8v_e8RO7sMF;_ylu=X3oDMTFhMW51amVoBHBvcwM1BHNlYwNzcGVjaWFsRmVhdHVyZXMEc2xrA25vdGFsbHRoYXRnbA--

Weekly Fundamentals - Gold's Uptrend Unaffected by Surprising Fall after Bernanke's Comments
Gold Weekly Technical Outlook
Crude Oil Weekly Technical Outlook
Nickel Sept 2010:
Tin Sept 2010:

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