Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The 1st In Indonesia Technical Analysis & Strategy IPO PT Mitrabahtera Segara Sejati Tbk (MBSS)

PT Mitra Bahtera Segara Sejati (MBSS) menawarkan harga saham perdana sebesar Rp 1.600/saham. Masa bookbuilding: 1-15 Maret 2011. Masa Penawaran Umum: 25,28 dan 29 maret 2011. Pencatatan di Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) dijadwalkan: 6 April 2011. PT OSK Nusadana Sekurities Indonesia dan PT Mandiri Sekuritas (CC): penjamin emisi.


April: The Pink Moon = Potential Bullish.
Flowers begin to appear, including the widespread grass pink or wild ground phlox. Other variations indicate more signs of full spring, such as Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, and Fish Moon (common among coastal tribes).

Waxing Crescent = Young Moon. Typically quite good moment for IPO MBSS (historically upside momentum). The Moon appears to be partly but less than one-half illuminated by direct sunlight. The fraction of the Moon's disk that is illuminated is increasing. This Moon can be seen after the New Moon, but before the First Quarter Moon.  The crescent will grow larger and larger every day, until the Moon looks like the First Quarter Moon. 

Rekomendasi: BUY (potensi kenaikan terbatas)
target 2.000 (Periode 3 Bulan)
Resist   : 1680/1740 (Buy jika breakout atas)/1810/1890 (Buy jika breakout)/2000
Support : 1530 (Sell jika breakout)/1460/1390

Sesi 2 Resistance/ support
Resist   : 1680 (buy)/1740 (Buy jika breakout atas)/1810/1850 (Sell/add Buy if breakout)/1890 (Buy jika breakout)/2000
Support : 1650 (Sell jika breakout)/1.580 (Buy)/1.540 (Sell jika breakout)/1500/1440

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