Friday, April 8, 2011

Special Weekend Investment Reading

Jeff Hirsch: Dow 38,820 or Bust!
Jeff Hirsch, editor of the perennial must-read Stock Trader's Almanac, has written a new book, "Super Boom: Why the Dow Will Hit 38,820 and How You Can Profit From It."

Now, the market historians among you may be quick to file Hirsch's latest effort with bubble-era tomes predicting stocks' straight shot to the stratosphere.
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Government Shutdown Won’t Hurt Stocks: S&P Strategist
S&P equity strategist Alec Young dropped by Breakout to explain to Nesto and me what a shutdown of the U.S. government would mean to the equity markets.
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Should Investors Move Before the Fed?
The US economy is on a firmer footing, but high unemployment and still low inflation warrant continuing support, according to minutes from the Fed's latest meeting which showed clear divisions among the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members on exit strategy.
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Don’t buy stocks and don’t buy bonds
Two legendary investors have conflicting points of view

(MarketWatch) — Don’t buy stocks. Don’t buy bonds. It’s not uncommon for money-management experts to have conflicting points of view. What’s hard though is squaring up those opposing opinions and trying to figure out what to do with your own money given conflicting theories.
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