Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are You Bullish or Bearish on Precious Metals?

Investors have been flocking to precious metals to protect from looming inflation and a weak outlook for the U.S. dollar. The trend has turned investments related to gold, silver and other precious metals into some of the hottest plays of the past year.

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Copper Prices Update: Prosper as Copper Becomes the "New Gold"
The Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable American icons in the world.
And as she towers 305 feet above Ellis Island, what's Lady Liberty wearing? Copper - 60,000 pounds of it. Clearly, copper's big in art. It's also a key metal that keeps the world economy humming. Copper consumption has grown at an average annual rate of 4% since 1900. China and India - which some analysts describe as the combined market of "Chindia" - where one of every three human beings resides, needs loads of this element to meet its modernization requirements for electricity and infrastructure.

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Higher oil prices may dent copper, platinum: Goldman Sachs
(MarketWatch) -- Copper and platinum futures will face "near-term headwinds" as higher oil prices could mean lack of demand for the metals, analysts at Goldman Sachs said in a note to clients distributed Monday. The commodities are also "exposed to supply chain problems resulting from the earthquakes in Japan," particularly platinum given its large exposure to global automobile production, the analysts added.

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Base Metal valuations overstretched by all standards
AHMEDABAD (Commodity Online): Except Aluminium, other base metals on London Metal Exchange were trading with marginal loss during Asian session. Nickel and Lead were the major losers in metal complex. While, Aluminium prices were trading upside flat.

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Why Investing in Precious Metals and Energy is STILL the Way to Go
Why I Put Almost All My Eggs Into Precious Metals

“I have put almost all of my eggs in one basket – precious metals, energy and agriculture - with the bulk being in precious metals. These are diversified only in that they span bullion, geography and the range of very large to the very early stage junior exploration companies. A third of my investments are either in individual stocks (or their long-term warrants should they have any) of which many of the companies are  juniors and the other two thirds are in ETFs which invest in a range of larger-cap precious metals stocks.”  Let me tell you why I thought it was a good idea at the time and still think it is. Words: 1100

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