Sunday, April 10, 2011

EWI: Earthquake, Tsunami, Oil-shock, Middle East Wars, Debt Melt-Down

Earthquake, Tsunami, Oil-shock, Middle East Wars, Debt Melt-Downs
Will the Market Reward That Much "Unbending Loyalty"?

Oil Above $108 Is NOT What's Holding Back the Stock Market
Oil and stocks are inversely correlated? Don't fall for that argument
Bullish Sentiment: Turning into a Stampede?

Crude Oil: $112 a Barrel and Counting
Elliott wave patterns anticipated oil rally BEFORE Middle East unrest

North Carolina May Say Yes to Pot: Here's the Socionomic Angle]

U.S. Dollar: What Happens if Congress Doesn't Raise the U.S. Debt Ceiling?

Economic Recovery? Discover the FACTS

Believe the Promise to Keep A Broken Promise?

Is the Commodity Bull Taking A Breather, OR Is it Out Of Breath?\

Gold: One Giant $20-plus Leap For Precious Metal Kind
Saying that gold is rallying on Middle Eastern tensions is not enough

Home Prices: A Time for "Bargain Hunting?"

Sentiment Extremes: Tomorrow and Yesterday, but Never Today

“Core" European Stocks vs. “Peripheral" Ones: Will the Divergence Continue?

Nature's Fury: Why It Impacts Stocks Far Less Than You May Think

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