Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week-long Rally Shows Bull Market Still Has Some Kick Left

US. stocks ripped higher every day of the past week following positive news on U.S. manufacturing, Greek sovereign debt and an absolutely epic amount of short-covering. The past week's rally has shown at least that the spirit of the bull market still lives. It rarely pays to be bearish for more than a few weeks at a time, and even then only very selectively. So long-term investors need to keep their eyes on the on the horizon until sellers can prove their moxie.

What’s better: Gold at $5000, or gold at $1000?
Seems like an easy question for most of us – a $5000 spot price translates into 3x to 9x returns. But the future is always uncertain. Nobody knows tomorrow. So wouldn’t it be great to invest in gold and profit from a run-up, and profit also in a run-down? Not doing some risky option, but a solid stock. That’s precisely what we’ve uncovered. See how right here.

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