Friday, December 30, 2011

Outlook 2012 Part 11: If U Can Survive The Potential Flash Crash In Jan, U Should Can Conquer 2012

America's Financial Doomsday

Words and Phrases We Hope Not To See Or Hear In 2012

What Will 2012 Bring for Global Monetary Policy? 

7 Major Advance Warnings 

Doug Kass 15 Surprises of 2012

Soros Sees Gold Prices on Brink of Bear Market

Commodities falter in 2011, hold promise in 2012

Stock-fund, ETF investors look for a better 2012

S&P up 15%? One prediction for the new year

Stocks May See `Rough Go' in 1st Half, Bartels Says

Preparing Your Finances for 2012

Will Commodity Markets Heat Up This Winter?

Bond, Euro, Gold and Stocks: A Review of Technical Patterns and Implications

Summarizing 2011 In Nine Easy Charts

$135 Billion Redeemed From US Equity Mutual Funds In 2011, 34 Of 35 Consecutive Weekly Outflows

How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes

Did 2011 End the Way Mainstream Financial Experts Expected? Part Two: Crude Oil

Did 2011 End the Way the Mainstream Financial Experts Expected? Part One: Stocks

The Top 10 Market Myths Exposed

Lang speech-

Official US government debt-

China GDP-

investment banker  China's construction bubble biggest in history:

Emerging Stocks Index Set for Worst Year Since 2008

Oil Heads for Third Yearly Gain

Commodities Poised for First Annual Decline Since 2008 on European Crisis

Gold Rebounds, Heads for 11th Annual Gain

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