Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Outlook 2012 Part 9: Are These "The Nightmare News" To Give U A Golden Opportunity???

Morgan Stanley Outlook 2012: Indonesia / Asia Pasific / ASEAN

Morgan Stanley Outlook 2012: US / Europe/ China / Japan / Latin America

A Brave New (Broken) World

Investment Forecast: Why 2012 Will Be the Year of the "Micro Boom"

5 hedge-fund managers to watch in 2012

9 strategies if the worst-case scenarios come true

What Will 2012 Bring for Global Monetary Policy?

What Y2.012K means for investors

The oil markets and Iran in 2012

The Mid-term Election Year Cycle: Redux
Many hang their hat on old Wall Street sayings like “As goes the first week of January so goes January” or “As goes January so goes the year”.  Another Wall Street rule of thumb  is the “Mid-year election year” cycle.

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