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Laporan & Rumor Saham Indonesia 09-02 (Refresh)

2nd session on JCI 02.09.12
@ 3,978.988 (-9.711pts) (-0.243%)
H: 3,988.590 ; L: 3,953.817
Value: 5.57 T (NG 798.36 B)
Volume: 3.69 B (NG 552.65 M)
Foreign Nett Sell: 419.54 B 

5 most active stocks by value:
ASII @ 72,950 (-2.54%)
BMRI @ 6,300 (-1.56%)
BBRI @ 6,950 (-2.80%)
BBNI @ 3,600 (+0.70%)
TLKM @ 6,800 (-1.45%)

5 most active stocks by volume:
ENRG @ 185 (-2.12%)
UNSP @ 305 (+5.17%)
ELTY @ 132 (+1.54%)
BKSL @ 255 (+8.51%)
TMPI @ 161 (+0.63%)

5 most up:
SHID @ 485 (+24.36%)
PANR @ 205 (+23.49%)
ZBRA @ 82 (+22.39%)
PGLI @ 167 (+19.29%)
ASBI @ 355 (+12.70%)

5 most down:
LMSH @ 4,525 (-9.50%)
APOL @ 104 (-7.14%)
UNIT @ 330 (-7.04%)
GTBO @ 530 (-7.02%)
BABP @ 117 (-6.40%)

5 Leading movers:
CPIN @ 2,725 (+1.88%)
ICBP @ 5,600 (+1.67%)
GGRM @ 56,700 (+1.65%)
PGAS @ 3,450 (+1.39%)
UNVR @ 19,950 (+1.31%)

5 Lagging movers:
ASII @ 72,950 (-8.81%)
BBRI @ 6,950 (-5.59%)
BMRI @ 6,300 (-2.64%)
TLKM @ 6,800 (-2.31%)
UNTR @ 29,050 (-1.28%)

DJ Bank Negara Indonesia CFO: Foreign-Ownership Cap Rules On Banks Likely To F
*DJ Bank Negara Indonesia CFO: Open To Buying Domestic Microcredit Firm; Maybe
*DJ Bank Negara Indonesia CFO: In Talks With Japanese Investors Seeking Minority

Bloomberg: Astra Drops Most in Nearly Two Months as Rally Seen Excessive


Mirae Asset Buys 70% Stake in Indonesian Money Manager


*DJ S&P Cuts PT Bakrie Telecom Tbk. Rtg To CCC+ From B; Outlk Neg;     *S&P CITES `WEAK LIQUIDITY' ON PT BAKRIE TELECOM TBK. RATING

Indonesia Bonds Gain as Central Bank Cuts Rates; Rupiah Drops

Palm Oil Declines as Monthly Board Report May Miss Expectations

*DJ Moody's Analyst: Fuel Subsidy Reform Success Would Improve Ratings Upgrade
*DJ Moody's Analyst: Indonesia Needs To Improve 'Fiscal Space'
*DJ Moody's Analyst: There Is Risk Of Loose Monetary Policy In Indonesia

ADMG dn KBRI buat besok dikolom rumor investordaily

REMINDER::: From Bahana Sec
Prefer KIJA & LPCK for now
we have uniformly done with our other industrial plays: KIJA and LPCK (also in process of adding industrial land). Our apple-to-apple comparison to SSIA’s industrial peers suggests higher upside potential in KIJA and LPCK.

LSIP: 2,500-2,800. I recommended to buy these shares when prices were at IDR2,200-IDr2,300. 2011 net profit could rise by 70% to IDR1.8 trillion (EPS: IDR264) from IDR1.03 trillion at the end of 2010. It is now trading at a p/e ratio of only 9.9X 2011 and 6.9X 2012 earnings, far below the plantation average p/e ratio of 14X. At that average, LSIP should be fairly valued at IDR5,110. It is still a buy at any levels or on any weaknesses.

IHSG Turun 0,26%

ASII, BBRI, dan BMRI paling banyak dilepas asing

ASII, BBRI dan BMRI Bikin IHSG 'Tak Bahagia'

2012, DILD Targetkan Jual 40 Ha Lahan Industri

ANTM pilih jadi single fighter pada proyek SGA

Sektor Batubara Akan Berbalik Arah?

Dirut GDYR Resmi Diganti

BI Rate Turun, IHSG Cuma Berkurang Sedikit

Rupiah Melemah 0,28% atas Dolar AS Selama Januari 

Bank Indonesia Cuts Reference Rate to 5.75% From 6.00% *BANK INDONESIA FORECASTS 1QT ECONOMY TO RISE 6.5% :BI%IJ US;     Indonesia GDP May Rise 6.5% in First Quarter, Central Bank Says; *BANK INDONESIA WIDENS INTERBANK RATE TO 3.75%-6.75% :BI IJ; *BANK INDONESIA FORECASTS 2012 INFLATION OF 3.5%-5.5%

BI Rate Turun Jadi 5,75%

Sesi I, IHSG Turun 0,84%

Sesi I
IHSG Melemah 33 Poin Akibat Aksi Ambil Untung

KKGI Akuisisi 4 Tambang Senilai US$7,92 Juta

BEI Cabut Suspensi PGLI

Saham Tiga Sektor Tahan Koreksi Bursa

Warning untuk Saham-saham Grup Bakrie

Kantongi Pinjaman US$600 Juta, BUMI Lunasi Utang

Lunasi Utang, Indofood Terbitkan Obligasi Rp 2 Triliun

Aneka, Bumi Resources, Tower Bersama: Indonesian Equity Preview

Bloomberg; Bank Indonesia will maintain its reference rate at 6 percent, 11 of 15 economists in a separate survey forecast, while four expect a cut to 5.75 percent.

Indonesia’s Rupiah Strengthens Most Since September; Bonds Gain

Bloomberg; Resource Alam Indonesia Agrees to Buy Four Coal Mining Companies

Indonesia Seeks to Delay Limit on Subsidized Fuel Sales: Daily

Toyota Plans to Expand Indonesia Capacity by 50,000 Units a Year


Rubber Futures Decline as Much as 1.0% in Tokyo

Indonesia Jan. Tin Exports Fall to 5,380.43 Tons From Month Ago

Indonesia Still Hot Through Investment Grade: Tamara Henderson

Indonesia’s Rupiah Advances After Foreign Funds Buy Local Bonds

China Jan. CPI +4.5% Y/y vs Est. +4%; Dec. was +4.1%


Pertamina Withdraws Bid for Exxon’s Angola Oil Block, Harun Says

Asian Stocks Fall, MSCI Asia-Pacific Index Down 0.8%

Stock to Watch ::::::: CLSA has downgraded PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk  concerns of rising debt, funding problems and lack of policy action. Target Price 5150

Menanti Kepastian Yunani, IHSG Turun 0,13%

Inilah Menu Saham Pilihan Kamis (9/2)

Analis:IHSG berpotensi menguat secara teknikal

Rekomendasi Saham
IHSG Fluktuatif Tunggu Yunani

Silahkan cek rekomendasi pilihan analis hari ini

IHSG Turun 10 Poin Tertimpa Bursa Asia

IHSG Melaju, 4 Saham Dijagokan

Pilih Saham-saham Potensial Balik Arah

Mengurangi kredit PNS, BJBR pacu sektor mikro

Provider Telekomunikasi Tiongkok Incar TELE?

BUMI Raih Pinjaman US$600 Juta

Karunia Bara Perkasa Beli Saham HRUM

2012, EXCL Anggarkan Belanja Modal Rp7-8 T

XL Belum Temukan Investor Pembeli Menara

Tunggu Perkembangan Yunani, Wall Street Flat

10 Tips Sukses Investasi Jangka Panjang

Analis prediksi euro bisa di bawah US$ 1,30

  A growth company in its early days Its Buy with Rp3,350 price target based on two-stage dividend discount model.Conservatively assuming that most of its growth potential will be fully tapped out by year 2016, TBIG can turn into a cash generating machine that pays Rp1.8trn (US$200mn) annual dividend based on our projection. As interest rate is on a
structural decline in Indonesia, the long term outlook on dividend yielding stocks looks bright.TBIG is top pick within our telecom and utilities coverage universe.

Credible and capital market friendly shareholders.Verdy Budiman - Mansec

Bukit Asam  [ PDF]
Full steam ahead!
PTBA IJ / PTBA.JK  |  OUTPERFORM - Maintained  |  Share Price Rp20700 - Tgt. Rp24500
Coal Mining  |  - by Peter P. SUTEDJA /
Greater clarity in PTBA’s long-term growth outlook as well as its defensive earnings quality are reasons to remain excited about the company, in spite of its recent share price outperformance. A change in assumptions results in lower FY12-13 earnings estimates. Nevertheless, PTBA’s attractive growth outlook and clearer long-term growth trajectory lift our valuation from 10.2x CY13 P/E to 12.0x CY13 P/E, raising our target price. We reiterate OUTPERFORM.

LCGP:::  akan melakukan rights issue pada harga Rp148 per saham dengan rasio 1:5 dan Saga Group akan menjadi standby buyer-nya

KIAS::  mengagendakan rights issue. pemilik lima (5) saham lama, bisa menebus empat (4) saham baru. Harga rights Rp123-135 per saham, standby buyer-nya, SCG Building Materials Co., Ltd dari Thailand

FREN::  Jakarta - PT Wahana Inti Nusantara akan menjadi pembeli siaga (standby buyer) pada proses rights issue PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk (FREN). Rights issue akan digelar pada 20 Februari dan awal Maret 2012. "Yang akan menjadi standby buyer rights issue adalah PT Wahana Inti Nusantara. Mereka memegang jumlah saham FREN sebesar 24%," ujar Direktur Keuangan PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk Anthony Susilo, seusai Rapat Umum Pemegang Saham Luar Biasa (RUPSLB) FREN, Rabu (8/2/2012).

Kiki Barki buys more Harum EnergyPosted: 08 Feb 2012 09:36 AM
PT Karunia Bara Perkasa, a company that is controlled by Indonesian businessman Kiki Barki, announced a 2 million shares purchase in coal mining company PT Harum Energy Tbk (HRUM). Karunia Bara Perkasa bought those shares on January 16 as an investment. However, Karunia Bara has not declared the price of the purchase. Post the transaction, Karunia Bara controls 70.24% stake in Harum Energy or 1.89 billion shares.

AKRA Siapkan Dana USD19 juta Hingga USD20 juta
AKRA menyiapkan dana USD19 juta hingga USD20 juta untuk menambah kepemilikan pada PT Jabal Nor (perusahaan infrastruktur batubara) pada kuartal I/2012 dari 33,5% menjadi 50% atau mayoritas.

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