Friday, March 2, 2012

For You & Childen - Grand Children's Futures: Dow 13,000 now; 116,200 by 2046

Dow 13,000 now; 116,200 by 2046
BOSTON (MarketWatch) — My favorite market forecast of all time came in the fall of 1995, when mutual fund pioneer Bill Berger came to Boston and predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average would rise to 116,200.

How your brain betrays your investing
By Mick Weinstein
Barry Ritholtz discusses three types of cognitive bias that investors should always resist: "It's too expensive not to."


Pivot points
March has a recent history of sharp market turns. Will this year be different? MarketWatch's experts look at charts and signals across a wide array of asset classes to gauge what markets are doing.

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