Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily Investment News Update

PT Jaya Pari Steel Tbk (JPRS) mencatatkan penurunan laba bersih unaudited 55,83% dari Rp78,544 juta pada kuartal pertama 2009 menjadi Rp11,929 miliar pada kuartal pertama 2010.

PT Jasa Marga Tbk (JSMR) mencatat kenaikan pendapatan 21,86% pada kuartal I 2010, dari Rp 820,55 miliar menjadi Rp 1 triliun. Volume lalu lintas transaksi juga tercatat naik 3,07% menjadi 226,5 juta kendaraan.

Global Emerging Market Ltd (GEM) segera menyuntikkan dana sebesar Rp 325 miliar ke PT Agis Tbk (TMPI). GEM akan menukarkan investasi tersebut ke dalam saham TMPI.

Rencana 'Stock Split' Saham BBRI Direkomendasi 'Buy'
Manajemen PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BBRI) berencana mengajukan aksi stock split saham 1:2 jika harga saham mencapai harga di atas Rp9.000/saham di kuartal II-2010.

Laba Bersih BTPN Naik 165% di Q1-2010
PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Tbk (BTPN) membukukan laba bersih unadited naik 165% atau Rp154,575 miliar pada kuartal pertama 2010.

Penjualan Batubara BUMI 16 MT di Q1 2010
PT Bumi Resources Tbk mencatatkan penjualan batubara sekitar 16 metrik ton pada kuartal pertama 2010.

PT Gunawan Dianjaya Steel Tbk (GDST) mencatatkan laba bersih Rp40,404 miliar pada akhir Maret 2010 setelah sebelumnya mencatatkan rugi Rp122,406 miliar pada akhir Maret 2009.

PT Benakat Petroleum Energy Tbk (BIPI) kembali dikabarkan tertarik mengakuisisi sebuat perusahaan kontraktor minyak dan gas bumi (migas).

Sejak munculnya kabar mengenai wacana akuisisi PT Indosiar Karya Media Tbk (IDKM) oleh Chairul Tanjung melalui Trans Corp, harga saham operator stasiun televisi swasta itu terus mencatatkan kenaikan cukup signifikan. Pada akhir transaksi sesi pertama Senin 26 April 2010, harga saham Indosiar menguat Rp 60 (25 persen) ke level Rp 300. Harga saham Indosiar tersebut telah mencapai batas atas kenaikan yang diizinkan, sehingga terkena penolakan transaksi secara otomatis (auto rejection).

PT Benakat Petroleum Energy Tbk (BIPI) kembali dikabarkan tertarik mengakuisisi sebuah perusahaan kontraktor minyak dan gas bumi (migas). Perseroan ingin membesarkan bisnisnya dengan memiliki saham Elnusa dan perusahaan lainnya. Karena itu, harga BIPI akan dikerek ke posisi Rp500 jangka pendek.

Beberapa broker dikabarkan bakal mengakumulasi saham PT Jaya Real Property Tbk (JRPT), karena harganya masih cukup murah dengan price earning ratio (PER) sanga rendah 6,6 kali dibandingkan sektornya yang telah mencapai 22,2 kali. Sementara itu, kinerja perseroan semakin bagus seiring membaiknya perekonomian nasional.
Sumber:,, kontan.

Daily Forex Technicals |    Written by FXtechtrade
Today's support: - 1.3316, 1.3278, 1.3240 and 1.3187(main), where correction is possible. Break would give 1.3331, where correction also may be. Then follows 1.3319. Break of the latter would result in 1.3303. If a strong impulse, we would see 1.3276. Continuation will give 1.3240 and 1.3187.
Today's resistance: - 1.3437, 1.3461 and 1.3507 (main). Break would give 1.3538, where a correction is possible. Then goes 1.3566. Break of the latter would result in 1.3595. If a strong impulse, we'd see 1.3616. Continuation will give 1.3637.
Today's support: - 94.02, 93.60, 93.12 and 92.70(main). Break would bring 92.46, where correction is possible. Then 92.14, where a correction may also happen. Break of the latter will give 91.63. If a strong impulse, we would see 91.46. Continuation would give 91.14 and 90.91.
Today's resistance: - 94.57(main), where a correction may happen. Break would bring 94.72, where also a correction may be. Then 94.96. If a strong impulse, we would see 95.16. Continuation will give 95.41.
Today's support: - 11126.28 and 11087.90(main), where a delay and correction may happen. Break of the latter will give 11058.46, where correction also can be. Then follows 11036.23. Be there a strong impulse, we shall see 10983.34. Continuation will bring 10945.30.
Today's resistance: - 11238.72(main), where a delay and correction may happen. Break would bring 11265.33, where a correction may happen. Then follows 11283.80, where a delay and correction could also be. Be there a strong impulse, we'd see 11317.50. Continuation would bring 11343.22.

Daily Forex Technicals |    Written by India Forex
The EURUSD is currently trading at 1.3375 levels after touching a low of 1.3199 levels yesterday. Near term importers cover near 1.3000 -1.3200 levels. Bearish below 1.3650 levels and 1.30 looks most likely. (EURUSD - 1.3375).
GBPUSD is currently trading at 1.5425 levels. Near term imports are already covered for clients (refer last 18 days update) around 67- 68 levels. The bias is bearish further down. Exporters for April and May can cover atleast 50-60% at 1.54-1.55 levels i.e 68.30-68.60 levels. Breaking of 1.5300 levels would push the pair to 1.5150 levels. Weekly charts are showing downward correction. Bearish below 1.5600 levels. (GBPUSD 1.5425).
USDJPY is currently trading 94.20 levels. Yen is taking strong resistance near 94.20 breaking which we could target 97-98 levels. Weekly close above 92 levels has increased chances for a bearish move for the yen currency. Importers hold for medium term covers. (USDJPY- 94.20). Long Term (3-6 months) Target 98 and higher. WE JUST NEED A CONSISTENT BREAK OF 94.30 TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.
AUDUSD is currently trading at 0.9277 levels. Importers cover on dips. Exporters in Aud may start booking from 0.9350 onwards partially. Since the Australian currency is overall hawkish and Gold is holding above $1135 dollars we would stay away from shorts. Buying on dips is recommended. (AUDUSD - 0.9277). Bullish.
Gold is currently trading at $1158 levels and its bias is clearly on the upside. Buy on dips remains is the strategy. (Gold- $1158) Bullish.
The dollar index, the sharp fall ahead of 82.24 resistance argues that medium term rally is not ready to resume yet. Consolidation from 82.24 might extend further with another fall and break of 81.04 minor support will flip intraday bias back to the downside for 80.04 support to conclude the consolidation. Though, decisive break of 82.24 will target next key fibonacci level of 61.8% retracement of 89.62 to 74.19 at 83.72 next.! (Dollar Index- 81.43) Bullish.

Asian Stock Index Faces ‘Major’ Resistance: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- An Asian stock index must overcome a support-turned-resistance line this week to maintain a rally or face a longer slump, according to CIMG Investment Bank Bhd.

Regulation Won't 'Kill the Golden Goose': Mobius
Regulation in the financial industry will not "kill the golden goose", said Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Asset Management.

Market Is 'Ripe For Correction' — But You Can Invest Here
The market is “ripe for a correction," but there are still areas where investors can make money, said Simon Goodfellow of ING Wholesale Banking. He shared his market outlook and best plays.

Market Outlook: More Earnings With Wary Eye On Fed, Greece
Better corporate profits and economic news could keep the market humming, as long as the slow fuse on the Greek debt situation doesn't end with a bang.

Gold May Gain as Dollar’s Rally Stalls, Boosting Metal’s Allure
(Bloomberg) -- Gold traded near the highest in more than a week as the dollar halted a rally against major counterparts, potentially boosting investment demand for the metal as an alternative asset.

Palm Oil Climbs to Highest Since April 9, Tracking Oil’s Gain
(Bloomberg) -- Palm oil advanced as crude oil rose for a third day, boosting the appeal of vegetable oils used in biofuels, and after Godrej International Ltd. director Dorab Mistry said the tropical oil may advance in the second half.

Asian Currencies Climb to 2008 Highs as Region Leads Recovery
(Bloomberg) -- Asian currencies rose, with Taiwan’s dollar and South Korea’s won reaching the highest levels in at least 19 months, on speculation investors will plow more funds into local assets as the region leads a recovery.

Crude Oil Weekly Technical Outlook      
Nymex Crude Oil (CL)
Crude oil's rebound from 80.53 resumed towards the end after initial setback and closed strongly at 85.12. Further rise would be in favor to retest 87.09 high but after all, sustained break there is needed to confirm rally resumption. Otherwise, another fall would still be seen before consolidation from 87.09 concludes. On the downside, below 81.73 minor support will flip intraday bias back to the downside for 38.2% retracement of 69.50 to 87.09 at 80.37 or possibly further to 61.8% retracement at 76.22.

In the bigger picture, medium term rise from 33.20 is viewed as a correction to the whole correction that started at 2008 at 147.27. Our preferred view is that rise from 33.2 is in form of a three wave structure (73.23, 65.05, ?) and should be near to completion. Strong resistance is expected around 90 psychological level, which coincide with 50% retracement of 147.27 to 33.2 at 90.24 and 61.8% projection of 33.2 to 73.23 from 65.05 at 89.79, and bring reversal. Hence, even though another rally cannot be ruled out, upside potential should be limited. On the downside, break of 69.50 support will break the series of higher low pattern from 33.2 and will be an important indication that the trend has reversed. In such case, we'll turn bearish on crude oil and expect the then down trend to target a new low below 33.2.

In the long term picture, there is no change in the view that fall from 147.27 is part of the correction to the five wave sequence from 98 low of 10.65. While the rebound from 33.2 is strong and might continue, there is no solid evidence that suggest fall 147.27 is completed and we're still preferring the case that rebound from 33.2 is merely a corrective rise only. Having said that, strong resistance should be seen between 76.77/90.24 fibo resistance zone and bring reversal for another low below 33.2 before completing the whole correction from 147.27.

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