Monday, April 26, 2010

The Elliott Waves Weekly Select

Will a New Catalyst Move the Stock Market?
If There's a "Secret" Behind Stock Market Movements -- We Present It Here
Do investors expect the Securities and Exchange Commission's allegations against Goldman Sachs to be the straw which breaks the stock market's back? Or will future accusations  against other financial institutions be the trigger? Neither?

Goldman Sachs Company Charged With Fraud: Who Could Have Guessed? Part II
The firm's history suggests its vulnerability in periods of negative social mood.
In the November 2009 issue of Elliott Wave International's monthly Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, co-editors Steven Hochberg and Peter Kendall published a careful study of Goldman Sachs company history -- and made a sobering forecast for the firm's future.

Goldman Sachs Company Charged With Fraud: Who Could Have Guessed? Part III
Special Section: A Flickering Financial Star, Part III
With the market’s downtrend recently in abeyance, these transgressions failed to capture the imagination of the public or the scrutiny of law enforcement. But the extreme recriminatory power of the next leg down in social mood suggests that Goldman’s dealings will become a lighting rod for public discontent.

How to Channel an Impulse Wave on a Price Chart
How do you choose one lesson from a basic tutorial that is chock-full of excellent information about Elliott wave analysis? You could browse through all 50 sections distributed over 10 lessons. Or you could do what some people do when they open a dictionary: let the book fall open and point your finger at a word. Sometimes you learn more from a random search than a deliberate one.

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