Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update Daily Investment News

PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk (INTP) berhasil menumbuhkan laba bersih triwulan I-2010 sebesar 56,42%. Peningkatan dipicu oleh kenaikan penjualan sebesar 16,6% ditambah keuntungan kurs dan penghasilan bunga yang mencapai Rp 59,871 miliar.

PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk (PTPP) mencatat pendapatan Rp 561 miliar selama triwulan I-2010. Laba perseroan juga tercatat mencapai Rp 15,36 miliar atau naik 26,24% dibanding periode yang sama tahun lalu, Rp 12,17 miliar.

PT Kimia Farma Tbk (KLBF) mengharapkan proses merger dengan PT Indofarma Tbk (INAF) rampung akhir 2010. Perseroan telah menyerahkan seluruh keputusan kepada pemerintah, namun realisasinya harus menunggu penilaian dari konsultan independen.

Laba Bersih Mandom Turun 24,25% di Q1-2010
PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk (TCID) mengalami penurunan laba bersih sebesar 24,25% di kuartal I-2010 menjadi Rp45,86 miliar.

Laba Bersih Mustika Ratu Turun 35,17%
PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) dan anak perusahaan mencatatkan penurunan laba bersih 35,17% di kuartal I-2010 menjadi Rp6,69 miliar.

Laba Bersih Kagoe Igar Jaya Naik 167,71% di Q1-2010
PT Kagoe Igar Jaya Tbk (IGAR) mencatatkan laba bersih Rp5,97 miliar pada kuartal I-2010 atau naik 167,71% dari periode yang sama 2009 Rp2,23 miliar.

PT Sumi Indo Kabel Tbk (IKBI) mencatatkan kerugian bersih sebesar Rp2,39 miliar pada kuartal I-2010 dari periode yang sama sebelumnya untung Rp38,8 miliar.

Laba Bersih SONA Naik 153,18% di Q1-2010
PT Sona Topas Tourism Industry Tbk (SONA) berhasil mencatatkan laba bersih sebesar Rp10,76 miliar di kuartal I-2010 atau naik 153,18%.

Laba Bersih BATA Naik 43,18% di Q1-2010
PT Sepatu Bata Tbk (BATA) berhasil mencatatkan kenaikan laba bersih sebesar 43,18% pada kuartal I-2010 menjadi Rp3,78 miliar.

Volume Jual Naik, Saham PTBA Masih Menarik
Presiden Direktur PT Tambang Bukit Asam (PTBA) mengatakan volume penjualan batu bara naik sekitar 10-15% YoY pada kuartal I-2010 atau menjadi 3,1-3,2 juta ton.

PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) baru saja menjalin kontrak pengiriman batubara dengan perusahaan asal Jepang senilai US$113 per ton FOB.

Laba Bersih Tunas Ridean Turun 46,33%
PT Tunas Ridean Tbk (TURI) mencatatkan penurunan laba bersih sebesar 46,33% pada kuartal I-2010 menjadi Rp75,29 miliar.

Saham TOTL Dikerek ke Rp350
Kabar di pasar berhembus, saham PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk (TOTL) akan dikerek menuju level Rp350 dalam waktu dekat.

Cermati Saham Sierad Produce
Investor perlu mencermati saham PT Sierad Produce Tbk (SIPD) karena akan dikerek menembus level Rp100 seiring dengan rencana Perseroan untuk rights issue.

Sepanjang tiga bulan pertama di 2010, PT Bakrieland Development Tbk (ELTY) berhasil mencatat pertumbuhan laba bersih sebesar 6,5% menjadi Rp28 miliar ketimbang sebelumnya 26,3 miliar.

Daily Forex Technicals |    Written by FXtechtrade
Today's support: - 1.3131 and 1.3084(main), where correction is possible. Break would give 1.3076, where correction also may be. Then follows 1.3053. Break of the latter would result in 1.3028. If a strong impulse, we would see 1.3011. Continuation will give 1.2988.
Today's resistance: - 1.3262, 1.3288 and 1.3324 (main). Break would give 1.3341, where a correction is possible. Then goes 1.3368. Break of the latter would result in 1.3393. If a strong impulse, we'd see 1.3413. Continuation will give 1.3440 and 1.3465.
Today's support: - 92.70(main). Break would bring 92.46, where correction is possible. Then 92.14, where a correction may also happen. Break of the latter will give 91.63. If a strong impulse, we would see 91.46. Continuation would give 91.14 and 90.91.
Today's resistance: - 93.83, 94.26 and 94.57(main), where a correction may happen. Break would bring 94.72, where also a correction may be. Then 94.96. If a strong impulse, we would see 95.16. Continuation will give 95.41.
Today's support: - 10957.50 and 10923.80(main), where a delay and correction may happen. Break of the latter will give 10911.40, where correction also can be. Then follows 10888.12. Be there a strong impulse, we shall see 10853.22. Continuation will bring 10826.40 and 10807.26.
Today's resistance: - 11086.87 and 11123.62(main), where a delay and correction may happen. Break would bring 11162.82, where a correction may happen. Then follows 11187.11, where a delay and correction could also be. Be there a strong impulse, we'd see 11208.72. Continuation would bring 11240.76 and 11265.33.

Treasury Futures May Rise to 2-Month High: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- Treasury futures may rise to the highest since February after climbing above so-called resistance at 117 14/32, said MF Global Singapore, part of the world’s largest broker of exchange-traded futures and options.

Daily Forex Technicals |    Written by India Forex
The EURUSD is currently trading at 1.3200 levels after touching a low of 1.3150 levels on greece downgrades. Near term importers cover near 1.3000 – 1.3050 levels. Bearish below 1.3650 levels and 1.30 looks most likely. We have got our exporters booked close to 1.36 levels for April and May. Please refer previous reports and sms.(EURUSD - 1.3380). Bearish
GBPUSD is currently trading at 1.5280 levels. Near term imports are for May cover around 1.50 levels. Our exporter clients are covered around 1.55 levels (refer previous updates). The bias is bearish further down. Bearish below 1.5600 levels target 1.50 levels. (GBPUSD 1.5275).
USDJPY is currently trading 93.13 levels. Yen is taking strong resistance near 94.20 breaking which we could target 97-98 levels. Weekly close above 92 levels has increased chances for a bearish move for the yen currency. Importers hold for medium term covers. (USDJPY- 93.85). Long Term (3-6 months) Target 98 and higher. WE JUST NEED A CONSISTENT BREAK OF 94.30 TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.
AUDUSD is currently trading at 0.9213 levels. Importers cover on dips. Exporters in Aud may start booking from 0.9350 onwards partially. Since the Australian currency is overall hawkish and Gold is holding above $1135 dollars we would stay away from shorts. Buying on dips is recommended. (AUDUSD - 0.9260). Bullish.
Gold is currently trading at $1164 levels and its bias is clearly on the upside. As per our earlier reports we have continously bought from 1100 levels onwards. Buy on dips remains is the strategy. (Gold- $1154) Bullish.
The dollar index, the sharp fall ahead of 82.24 resistance argues that medium term rally is not ready to resume yet. Consolidation from 82.24 might extend further with another fall and break of 81.04 minor support will flip intraday bias back to the downside for 80.04 support to conclude the consolidation. Though, decisive break of 82.24 will target next key fibonacci level of 61.8% retracement of 89.62 to 74.19 at 83.72 next. (Dollar Index- 81.31) Clearly Bullish

Small Caps Set to Recoup Bear-Market Loss: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- The rally in U.S. stocks has lifted the Russell 2000 Index above a key level that suggests the gauge will recoup its entire bear-market loss, according to analysts who use Fibonacci numbers to forecast market moves.

Euro Stoxx 50 Futures May Drop to 2,839: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- Euro Stoxx 50 Index futures may be poised for a retreat, according to Technical Analysis Ltd.

Global Stocks $1 Trillion Loss No Reason to Sell for U.S. Funds
(Bloomberg) -- The largest equity-market decline since February is failing to spur selling by the biggest U.S. money managers, who say losses will prove temporary as gains in earnings make stocks too cheap to pass up.

How the Greek Downgrade Will Affect Markets
Standard & Poor's decision to downgrade both Greece and Portugal raised the prospect of the debt crisis spreading to other members of the euro zone and beyond.

Greece Just Tip of Debt Crisis Iceberg: Roubini
The sovereign debt crisis will get worse and bond vigilantes could move on to even bigger economies like the United States and Japan when they are done sweeping through vulnerable European nations, according to economist Nouriel Roubini.

Wednesday Look Ahead: Euro Debt Crisis, Fed Will Drive Markets‏
Fears of a wider European sovereign debt crisis swept global markets Tuesday, and could be a negative Wednesday as the Greek bailout seems to flounder.

How to Prep for the Coming Inflation: Chief Investor
Stocks tumbled Tuesday and the Dow dropped over 100 points. How should investors be positioned? David Goerz, chief investment officer at Highmark Capital, and Sean Kraus, senior vice president and chief investment officer at Citizens Trust, shared their thoughts.

Gold Is the 'Only Currency': Strategist
Gold is "the only currency" worth investing in as it is a good hedge against the eurozone's fiscal troubles, said Mathew Kaleel, co-founder & portfolio manager, H3 Global Advisors.

The Euro Is a One-Way Bet -- Down
The man who is likely to succeed Jean-Claude Trichet as the President of the European Central Bank told CNBC that the Greek bailout will be implemented soon and dismissed the idea that the euro zone is at risk of falling apart.

U.S. Households Lost $100,000 From Financial Crisis, Study Says
(Bloomberg) -- The financial crisis and recession cost U.S. households an average of about $100,000 in lost wealth and income, according to a study by former Treasury Department economist Phillip Swagel.

Yuan’s Gain Against Euro May Delay China Ending Peg (Update1)
(Bloomberg) -- The yuan’s climb to a one-year high against the euro will erode China’s competitiveness in its largest export market and delay an end to its currency’s peg against the dollar, said UniCredit SpA and Societe Generale SA.

Emerging-Market Bonds Halt Slide as Philippines, Indonesia Gain
(Bloomberg) -- Indonesian and Philippine dollar bonds rose, paring yesterday’s biggest loss in a month, on speculation Asian debt is still attractive given the region is leading an economic recovery.

 Oil Volatility Sinks as Shortage Concern Eases: Energy Markets
(Bloomberg) -- Crude oil volatility is falling to the lowest level in almost three years as brimming stockpiles and rising OPEC investment in production capacity eases concern of shortages.

Singapore May See ‘Steep’ Inflation Gains, Central Bank Says
(Bloomberg) -- Singapore’s inflation gains may become “steep” in coming quarters as improvements in the city- state’s labor market boost wages and businesses pass on higher costs to consumers, the central bank said.

Euro May Drop to $1.30 on Greece Crisis, Credit Agricole Says
(Bloomberg) -- The euro may slide to $1.30, the lowest in a year amid concerns the sovereign-debt crisis will spread from Greece, according to a unit of Credit Agricole SA.

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