Sunday, July 25, 2010

Elliott Wave International: "Panic Phase: 2007-20??"

Is the Market's Panic Phase Over? If Not, When?
What phase of the stock market are we in? Let's consider a few facts.
The all-time high for the Dow Jones Industrials is 14,164 (October 2007). Then the trend changed. By the time the index hit the March 2009 low of 6547, stock portfolios were devastated and investor fear was pervasive. It felt like there was no market bottom in sight. The collapse was rightly described as the worst since 1929.

How To Use Bar Patterns To Spot Trade Setups
The first step in learning technical analysis of financial markets it to accept that markets are patterned. The second step is being able to recognize those patterns and use them to your advantage.

Forget the "Wall of Worry." How About "Terrain of Terror"?

Stress Test: How to Find the Safest Banks in the U.S. and Abroad

Market Insight: "Blue-Chip Indexes Should Be Very Close to Starting the Next Phase"

FREE Insight Into Crude Oil's Next Big Move
If "fundamentals" drive trend changes in financial markets, then shouldn't the same factors have consistent effects on prices? For example: Positive economic data should ignite a rally, while negative news should initiate decline.

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