Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome To The Club of 3.000 & It's Just 1/2 Way through Year-End (2707)


Hold BUY GREN Hold buy area 160-170 (target 250), BUVA (buy on weakness 260-300 target 400 ), BJBR (hold buy 980 - 1000 tgt near 1.390): Hold Buy (19/07): ADHI, TOTL, WIKA, DOID, DILD, GZCO, AGRO, ASIA, BISI, MYOR, TOWR, BBRI, BBTN, BBNI, BMRI, BBCA, PGAS, BUMI, UNSP, ENRG, ASII, UNTR, JPFA, BSDE, BKSL, CTRA, TLKM, CPIN

BNI Technical Analysis 28-07 (JSMR/BLTA/TLKM/INDF):

Molindo Raya Industrial (Manufacture sector)
Listing Date N/A
Offering periode 2-6 July 2010. Offered share 650,000,000 shr. Price TBA
Underwritter Mandiri Sekuritas

IPO Berau Coal (Agustus)/CBP Indofood (Oktober)/Garuda are next

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