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Emerging-Market Equities Advance, Paring 9.9% Slump This Month
(Bloomberg) -- Emerging-market stocks advanced, trimming the benchmark index’s worst monthly loss since October 2008, on speculation corporate earnings in developing nations will weather Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis.

China’s Stocks Approach End of Correction: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- A “correction” in Chinese stocks that has made them Asia’s worst performers this year may be nearing its end given the duration and degree of the slump, according to Elliott Wave International Inc.

Trichet Says Emerging Nations Are Source of Economic Strength
(Bloomberg) -- European Central Bank President Jean- Claude Trichet said emerging nations have weathered the global recession better than advanced countries.

Asianomics's Walker Says Euro May Fall to 85 U.S. Cents: Video
 (Bloomberg) -- Jim Walker, managing director at Asianomics Ltd., talks with Bloomberg's Susan Li in Hong Kong about Europe's debt crisis and his forecast for the euro.

Payrolls May Have Climbed for Fifth Month: U.S. Economy Preview
(Bloomberg) -- Employment grew in May for a fifth consecutive month, pointing to gains in wages that will help U.S. households ride out the turmoil in financial markets, economists said before reports this week.

Week Ahead: Focus on US Economy as Europe Keeps Markets on Edge
Wall Street may finally shift its focus back to the U.S. economy, after weeks of zeroing in on problems in the euro zone. European headlines will continue to sway nervous markets in the coming week. But the heavy schedule of U.S. economic news crunched into the four-day post Memorial Day week should paint a good picture of the state of the economic recovery and the financial mood of U.S. consumers.

Market Outlooks: Volatility, 1,000 Point Dow Drop in Next Month
Stocks jumped at the open and kept climbing on Thursday, following the previous session's late-day selloff. Can the markets hold the gains until the close? Christopher Hobart, CEO and founder of Hobart Financial Group, and Tyler Vernon, chief investment officer at Biltmore Capital, offered their insights.

Investors Prepare for Cruel Summer
May was a great month if you're a bear. By its close the Dow's monthly loss totaled 8%; that's the worst May drop since 1940.

Beware 'Death Cross,' Sell into Rally: Strategist
The very bearish Philippe Gijsels, head of research at BNP Paribas Fortis Global Markets says after heavy losses stocks could be set for gains over the coming days.

10 Stock Picks From 10 Great Investors
We talked to money managers with gold-standard track records and asked them each for their single best stock pick.;_ylt=AkG9MKuLSP_WBHaJLb8My7NO7sMF;_ylu=X3oDMTE5aG1ob2U2BHBvcwMyBHNlYwN3ZWVrZW5kRWRpdGlvbgRzbGsDc3RvY2twaWNrc2Zy?mod=retire-planning

Bull Market to Continue For 'Another Couple of Years'
This bull market will continue for "another couple of years," said Puru Saxena, CEO of Puru Saxena Wealth Management. He shared his market outlook.

Halftime: S&P Reaction To Spain Downgrade Market 'Tell'
As bulls and bears clash over domination of this market, investors may finally get a read on who's really winning.
This trader 'tell' comes in the form of market reaction to a downgrade.

Bearish Sentiment on U.S. Stocks Tops 50%: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- Expectations that U.S. stocks will fall have reached a six-month high, according to the American Association of Individual Investors’ weekly survey, a signal that the market may rebound.

Prep Your Portfolio For Next Week: Strategists
The Dow is on track for the worst May since 1962. Which stocks should you be buying and selling into next week? Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst at John Thomas Financial, and Joe Gordon, founder and managing partner at Gordon Asset Management, shared their best plays.

Double-Dip or Recovery? What the Pros Say
Friday markets ended with a precipitous selloff that made for the worst May since 1962 and worst month in general since November 2008.

Stock Market's Foe: 'Headline Risk'
Today is an excellent example of the headline risk that bedevils the stock market, and will likely continue to do so.

Euro Shorts ‘Risk-Reward’ Now Unfavorable: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- Investors should end bets that the euro will weaken against the dollar because trading patterns suggest there is more room for the 16-nation currency to rise.

Euro to Rally After Dropping Toward 108 Yen: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- The euro may reverse course after it falls toward 108 yen, the lowest level since November 2001, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UJF Ltd. said, citing trading patterns.

Asia Ex-Japan Stocks May Fall 17% to August: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- The MSCI Asia Ex Japan Index, which rose to the highest in two weeks yesterday, will lose momentum and may drop a further 17 percent, according to technical analysis by BGC Partners.

‘Best’ Chart Tracks Curve Before Fed Boosts: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- The yield advantage of five-year Treasury notes over two-year debt will increase to as much as 161 basis points before narrowing if history is any guide, according to Citigroup Inc., citing technical indicators.

Silver May Outperform Gold, Cutting Ratio: Technical Analysis
 (Bloomberg) -- The ratio of silver prices to gold may drop by as much as a third within three years because of improving industrial demand, according to broker GoldCore Ltd.

Platinum’s Plunge From 21-Month High Over: Technical Analysis
(Bloomberg) -- Platinum’s 11 percent plunge from a 21-month high in April is probably over and prices will now either stabilize or advance, according to technical analysis by independent analyst Jim Stellakis.

Citigroup's Heap Says Gold May Reach $1,500 by Year End: Video
(Bloomberg) -- Alan Heap, a commodity analyst at Citigroup Inc., talks with Bloomberg's Susan Li about his forecast for gold prices.

Citigroup Sees Buying Opportunities Soon for ‘Risky’ Currencies
(Bloomberg) -- Higher-yielding currencies may start to offer buying opportunities as foreign-exchange markets avoid a bigger slide than that in the wake of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s 2008 collapse, according to Citigroup Inc.

Eric Sprott Says S&P 500 Index Slump Just Starting (Update4)
(Bloomberg) -- The monthlong slump that erased 12 percent from the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index is the beginning of a collapse that will drive the measure below its weakest level of 2009 in the next year, money manager Eric Sprott said.

Top 50 Business Books, ‘Animal Spirits’ to ‘What the Dog Saw’
(Bloomberg) -- With so many business books spilling from the shelves, we’re often asked for a comprehensive list of recommendations. Here are 50 of our favorite titles published since Jan. 1, 2009.

Asian Currencies Have Biggest Weekly Gain in Almost Two Months
(Bloomberg) -- Asian currencies had their biggest weekly gain in almost two months as reports showed regional economies are improving and concern faded that Europe’s debt crisis will worsen.

Did Miserable May Light the Way For a Sunny Summer?
Investors can be forgiven for a little deja vu: In the month of the Flash Crash, wild swings in volatility and incessant talk about risks to the entire financial system, May seemed like a trip back to the bad old days.;_ylt=AoILPEB8yzsIxtJgfmcxGqVO7sMF;_ylu=X3oDMTFhZGVrZGdvBHBvcwMyBHNlYwNzcGVjaWFsRmVhdHVyZXMEc2xrA2RpZG1pc2VyYWJsZQ--?x=0

Weekly Fundamental Outlook for Energies and Metals - Gasoline Demand to Rise as Driving Season Arrives    Written by Oil N' Gold
Global financial market weakened early last week as Bank of Spain's takeover of a savings bank called Cajasur and potential merge of 4 other banks unveiled problems in the country's banking system. Moreover, escalated tensions on the Korean Peninsula further weighed on market sentiment. US dollar, Japanese yen and gold surged while stocks, euro and energies slumped.

ONG Focus - Technical Written by Oil N' Gold
Crude Oil Weekly Technical Outlook
Crude oil's rebound extended further to as high as 75.72 last week. Though, there is no change in the view that such rebound is a correction in the larger decline. While some more rise might be seen, upside should be limited by 61.8% retracement of 87.15 to 64.23 at 78.39 and bring fall resumption. Below 71.23 minor support will indicate that rebound from 64.23 is finished and will flip intraday bias back to the downside for retesting this low first.

ONG Focus -   Technical Written by Oil N' Gold
Gold Weekly Technical Outlook
Gold's recovery from extended further to as high as 1218.5 last week before turning sideway. Further rise remains in favor as long as 1197.3 minor support holds and gold would possibly target a retest on 1249.7 high. On the downside, however, below 1197.3 will indicate that recovery has completed and will flip intraday bias back to the downside for 1166 support and below.

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