Thursday, September 9, 2010

Elliott Wave & Stock/Commodity Technical Analysis

Why We're "A Long Way from a Major Stock Market Low"
A parade of optimistic expert assessments...continued with a hedge fund official saying, "the largest U.S. companies are cheap and the odds of a second recession in three years are about one in five." The vice chairman of a top private-equity outfit predicted a return of 8.1% a year for the S&P and a near doubling by 2020. "Two disastrous decades in a row is extremely unlikely." These remarks place sentiment a long way from a major stock market low.
Elliott Wave Financial Forecast (Sept. 2010)

EURUSD (Video): Why "The Right Look" Matters In Forex
"The right look" is an important concept in Elliott wave analysis.

Gold: What is Economy Usually Doing When It Goes Up?
Research proves wrong the idea that gold reliably rises during recessions, says EWI President Robert Prechter.

US Stocks: Bargain Hunters Seek Bull Trophy Head Mount
A September 1 Financial Times rolled out the bullish guns and suggested US large cap stocks could be "the bargain of a lifetime."

Hang Seng Daily EW
Nikkei 225 EW
Kospi EW

The Stock Market Uncertainty Will End
By: Michael_Swanson

Elliot Wave Super Cycle, End of the World Deflation Never Had a Chance
By: Toby_Connor

Stock Market Trend into Mid-Term Elections, Anything is Possible
By: Steve_Betts
Web site:

Bulls Are About to Move the Stock Markets Higher
By: David_Banister
Active Trading Partners, LLC

Shanghai Move Could Spur S&P 500 Rally
Still, from my technical perspective, the China Index is leading the SPX. If the SH COMP hurdles and sustains above 2705, then it should begin to fulfill the upside potential off of its May-Sept. base pattern -- at 2930/80 -- which should provide support for upside continuation in the SPX as well.
By: Mike_Paulenoff
Mike Paulenoff is author of (, a real-time diary of his technical analysis and trading alerts on ETFs covering metals, energy, equity indices, currencies, Treasuries, and specific industries and international regions.

Today’s Most Important Price Points in Gold Update
The rally from that first correction (850-1225) was $375 and the rally from the last low started at 1040, we should assume the next peak to be in the 1350-1425 area. I have seen other trendlines that point to the 1650 area.
By: Bill_Downey

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