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EWI: Stock Market Insight: Will September Steal Back the 255 Points?
Positive Seasonal Bias for Stocks Only Lasts So Long

 How Fibonacci Numbers Govern Market Prices and Timing
EWI Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman brings you an exciting educational resource.

Be Your Own Sherlock Holmes and Detect the Market's Direction with the Wave Principle

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Stock Market Crash, Bull or Bear?
The Bullish View:  The bull view is an inverse head and shoulders pattern.  The pattern’s target price upon breaking above the neckline is 1,250ish.   

The Bear View:  The bears will see a wedge pattern in development.  I’ve drawn in the Elliott Wave count to reflect what the wedge pattern looks like.  It requires a move higher to finish wave B before a declining wave C with a target of roughly 950 on the SP500, see chart below:
The Crash:  I've done my best to provide the Elliott Wave structure the ardent bears have for the massive wave 3 down.  It's more of a visual, but I want to focus on where we are now in this view  We just finished wave i and in wave ii.  If so, wave ii should stall at the 62% retracement level, or the price resistance at 1,100.
$VIX:  The index seems to have rolled over, which would indicate another test of the bottom support line is now the expected move.
By J.D. Rosendahl

Hindenburg Omen Stock Market Update
In accordance with Dow theory, the bullish primary trend associated with the bear market rally that began at the March 2009 low still remains intact.   No doubt, that rally has run into some obstacles.   But once again, it all boils down to price.    What is more significant to me is price itself and the underlying statistical implications.  If the statistical DNA Markers that I have found to have occurred at every major market top since the inception of the averages in 1896 prove to fall into place, then that will mean more to me than anything else.  The current Dow theory chart can be found below.

By Tim Wood  

Asian markets climb in reaction to U.S. economic news but European markets stall...
Recommendation: Take no action.
By Mark McMillan

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