Monday, October 3, 2011

*** The Hunt For Red October (*) or October Flashing Star (**)

Analisa Daily - Weekly - Monthly: IHSG/ DJIA/ Hang Seng/ Crude Oil/ Gold/ USD Index - EURUSD - GBPUSD - USDIDR/ Saham Pilihan; Hanya ada di MNC Business Channel Indovision Ch 95/99/ BNI Securities Technical Analysis.

CTA Hitsaham (Pembuat analisa Pre IPO's Technical Analysis Saham pertama kali di Indonesia & di Dunia; Even Wall Street's T.A Analyst Can't Make It) By Combo Astro Cycle * Fibonacci * W.D Gann Analysis (Terlampir 23 Analisis Sebelum IPO Saham Indonesia 2010 - 2011 & Track Recordnya); Akan Merilis 2 Pre IPO T.A Saham di Pekan Ini.

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IHSG: Sesi 1 3 Okt
IHSG Weekly: Tweezer Bottom Supported
ASII Weekly:
BBRI Weekly:
 BUMI Weekly:
INDF Daily:
TLKM Weekly:
DJIA Weekly:

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