Monday, October 3, 2011

We Prepared You for September's Market Swoon – Are You Ready for What's Next?

We warned you last month that September, not October, is statistically the worst-performing month for the stock market. We also told you why this September would be particularly bad. But most importantly, we told you what steps to take to guard your investments. Well, now that September is fully in the books you can see that our concern was justified. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 5% for the month, far exceeding the average 1.07% loss the index has seen in September since its 1896 launch. The other months have averaged a 0.71% gain.


Economic Doomsday: World's Experts Predict 'Total Disaster'
Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns...all fade into insignificance compared to the coming whirlwind of financial Armageddon many of the world's top experts see directly ahead. Economic Doomsday some are calling it. And now—they say—it's literally unavoidable. Starvation, collapse and death on an Apocalyptic scale. Will it be as bad as the Great Depression or World War Two? Worse, say many economists. Those events were a walk in the park compared to the total economic collapse coming to scores of countries.

Falling dominoes
Financial experts across 60 countries are publicly warning of the impending global financial disaster. The world's politicians—and the governments they run—have painted their economies into a corner after decades of mismanagement and now there's no safe place to hide.The dominoes will fall like this: the European Economic Union (EEU) has run out of options. Servicing debt with debt is a losing proposition. It's like flapping your arms wildly after you've fallen off the edge of the Grand Canyon.The EEU's demise will cause the cracks in America to widen until everything tumbles into the gaping pit.Massive trade disruption and lack of revenue will cause the Eastern European, the Russian Federation and Chinese economies to collapse.Africa will become a seething hellhole and Australasia will fall as well. Another warning sign: New Zealand just had its sovereign debt downgraded.

Commodity Funds Saw The Largest Outflow in 2011

Precious metal ETPs (Exchange-Traded Products) have traditionally accounted for a large portion of investor exposure to commodities, representing about one-third of total commodity AUM, according to Barclays Capital. As of end-July, $142bn of the total $431bn total commodity AUM was invested in precious metal ETPs. Traditionally, periods of high distress and macroeconomic risks saw large inflows into these types of products, which are seen by investors as a financial hedge and safe haven.


World is heading for 'Great Stagnation', says Goldman
There is a growing risk that the global economy will move from the 'Great Recession' into the 'Great Stagnation', according to economists at Goldman Sachs.


Market Trend? See These 2 Charts
Instead, find a graphic that shows the President's economic approval rating. Look at how it's been trending. As our charts show, when President George W. Bush's economic approval headed downhill, so did the Dow. Now President Barack Obama's economic approval rating has dropped to the same low point that Bush's had in February 2008. Pete Kendall explains what this means in the September 2011 issue of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, which is excerpted below the charts.


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