Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Halloween Party is Just The (B)eginning Of Crash or The New (B)ull Market

Jim Rogers Says New Greece Deal Can't Save Europe
"Greece is bankrupt, but others are too, and these haircuts will have to come back and be wider," said Rogers. But until more stringent and widespread action is taken to alleviate not just Europe's debt but that in the United States, the crisis will continue.
READ MORE: http://moneymorning.com/2011/10/30/jim-rogers-says-new-greece-deal-cant-save-europe/

Gold Prices Back on Track for $2,500 an Ounce
Having overcome a slight pullback heading into the fall gold prices now appear to have resumed their upward trajectory and will likely hit $2,500 an ounce next year - if not sooner.
READ MORE: http://moneymorning.com/2011/10/26/gold-prices-back-on-track-for-2500-an-ounce/

The Unfortunate Truth About An Overbought Stock Market

With interest rates at or near all time lows and the recent rally we have seen in the stock market, it does not make sense that QE III would be initiated during this meeting. It is possible that if QE III is not announced the U.S. Dollar could rally and put pressure on risk assets such as the S&P 500 in the short to intermediate term. If this sequence of events played out, a correction would be likely. The following is a daily chart of the S&P 500 with possible correction targets in place:
READ MORE: http://www.econmatters.com/2011/10/unfortunate-truth-about-overbought.html

Goldman Summarizes The "Frightful Week Ahead"

Given this uncertainty, we monitor two things. First, the European policy process obviously remains key, and we will be monitoring developments into the Nov. 3-4 G-20 Summit in Cannes and the Nov. 7 Eurogroup meeting in Brussels closely.
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Why the latest eurozone bail-out is destined to fail within weeks

Italy: Beginning of The Euro Financial Cliff?


How Are Large Speculators Positioned
Right or wrong, non-commercial is not buying this rally. They have actually increased their net short position and simply increased their hedge over the past few weeks to manage short term upside risk. If they were truly behind this move you would expect a sharp reduction not expansion in their overall position.
READ MORE: http://macrostory.com/2011/10/31/how-are-large-speculators-positioned/

Frontrunning: October 31
    * Azumi Pledges More Action After Yen Intervention (Bloomberg)
    * Japan to buy more EFSF bonds-Europe fund chief (Reuters)
    * Draghi in Battle Mode From Day One at ECB (Bloomberg)
    * Berlusconi Stays Defiant as Europe’s Crisis Focuses on Italy Reform Effort (Bloomberg)
    * Hu starts key trip to Europe (China Daily)
    * Europe will not offer China concessions for aid: Juncker (Reuters)
    * Europe Might Have Blown Last Chance to End Its Crisis (Bloomberg)
    * Schäuble calls for EU lead on Tobin tax (FT)
    * UK faces "economic suicide" if on EU margins – Clegg (Reuters)

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