Wednesday, November 2, 2011

@Short Covering Should Conquer The Serial Bad News Before Big Event of Surprises

Get Ready For A Global Credit Crisis By Year-End
Possibly the most significant consequence of the EU bailouts last week will be that the “solutions” to the problems in Europe will result in a global credit crunch. To me this outcome is a foregone conclusion. It's already happening.

PREVIEW: FOMC rate-decision due at 1630GMT (23.30 WIB) followed by Bernanke’s press conference at 1815GMT (01.15 WIB)
    * The FOMC is expected to keep the Fed funds rate unchanged in the range of 0%-0.25%
    * Policymakers may consider large-scale purchases of MBS to help the housing sector
    * The FOMC may cut its growth and inflation projections for 2011 and 2012

Morgan Stanley On What Happens Next In Greece, And Why It Is All Very Euro Negative
The EUR is set to remain under pressure as the uncertainty regarding Greece intensifies once again. Any comfort for the EUR from reports Merkel and Sarkozy are to meet with the Greek government and IMF officials Wednesday, ahead of the G20, is likely to be short-lived in our view.

FYI--Global Collapse Appears To Be Imminent Now. MF Global Is The First Crash Of Many! Get Out Now!
If you haven't yet heard, financial firm MF Global filed for bankruptcy.  John Corzine, the ex Gov. of NJ, was chief of Goldman Sachs and left to run MF Global.  There is somewhere between $700 million and $1 billion missing.  However, there may be a 'deeper end' game being played out here. Molly has zero expertise in this area however, below is a stunning article by Ann Barnhart who argues that the collapse of MF Global IS the beginning of a 'planned' crash of the entire financial system.  For your own financial safety and future, please read her article & then, REPLY TO Molly your thoughts and she will pass them on.

How to Be a Great Commodities Investor
Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks by Adrian Day is an excellent book to get started investing in commodities. Adrian explains investing in everything from gold to copper to oil, in easy-to-read, plain English. I highly recommend this book.

Did You Miss the Dow's Biggest Monthly Point Gain Ever?
After a brutal September, it was refreshing to see October swoop in with a record-breaking monthly point gain. The Dow Jones Industrial Average scored 9.5% gains in October, rising 1,041.63 points, and the Standard & Poor's 500 Index and the Nasdaq Composite rose 11%.

Three Lessons From the Collapse of MF Global
Those lessons are:
    * Steer clear of leverage. Don't leverage up your portfolio and don't buy into companies that leverage up theirs.
    * Do not invest based on political beliefs. Rely rather on economic analysis.
    * And always stay humble. Maintain a deep skepticism of your own knowledge and wisdom. Neither the best market analysts nor the best baseball players should expect to bat 1.000.

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