Sunday, May 9, 2010

Elliott Wave: 3 Ways to Be Prepared for the Next Drop in the Markets

Nothing shakes up your day quite as much as watching the Dow drop straight down 998 points (9.2%) on the computer screen. It gives you that horrible sinking feeling that something big is happening that you might not be prepared for. As Tony sang in the Broadway musical, West Side Story:
Something's coming,
Don't know when
But it's soon…

The Afternoon When Traders Couldn't Trade
Watching the Dow plummet on May 6, I couldn't help but remember Dusty Springfield singing, "Mama said there'll be days like this, There'll be days like this, my Mama said." Some EWI subscribers also couldn't help but remember what Bob Prechter wrote in Conquer the Crash about days like this when markets panic and trades don't go through:

One Year Later: Is The Bear Really Dead?
The optimistic extreme we've been waiting for has finally arrived

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