Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elliott Waves. EWI

Prechter Describes The "Stunning Long-Term Elliott Wave Picture"
The past doesn't "define" the present or the future, but it sure does provide context

Please join me to consider a time in the stock market that lasted just under three years: 32 months, to be precise. During this period a series of powerful rallies stand out clearly on a price chart. The shortest of these rallies was four weeks, the longest more than five months.

Watching a Wave; Protecting a Nest Egg
Almost no one tells you about another "financial tsunami" that's likely on its way.
If you're a passenger on a ship in the middle of the ocean, you can't detect a tsunami -- the wave heights are too short to distinguish them from regular open ocean waves. (But wave lengths can be hundreds of miles long.) Only when this energy reaches shallower waters does the mammoth tsunami wall form -- and washes away all that's in the way. So when forecasters warn "Move to higher ground!" it's not wise to think, "I won't believe a tsunami is coming until I see it." You won't until it's too late.

EUR/USD: First Up, Then Down

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