Saturday, August 14, 2010

EWI: Bullish (on the Dollar) and Bearish (on Stocks): Bob Prechter on Bloomberg

There's no rest for the weary -- or for the wary, we should add. Earlier this week, Bob Prechter sent out a late-evening special report about the stock market to Elliott Wave Theorist subscribers (August 10). The very next day, he did an interview with Bloomberg TV's Pimm Fox. The day of the interview, the Dow dropped more than 250 points. You can hear the interview on Bloomberg here.

Who's Your Daddy: Fibonacci Or The Fed?
If fundamental market analysis is a hard science, then the way stock prices react to a certain news item one day must be the same the day after that, and still after that. Markets would not, in the poetic words of Willy Shakespeare, "alter when alteration finds... not with the brief hours and weeks."

How to Use Fibonacci Retracements to Identify Market Opportunities
As taught by EWI's Senior Commodity Analyst and Trading Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy.

Let's Review Why 2010 May Be a Turning Point Toward Deep Pessimism about the Markets

Commodity Trader's Classroom: Free Lesson in Elliott
Most technical studies don’t reveal maturity of a trend, or price targets -- but Elliott wave analysis does.

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