Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Most Powerful Technical Analysis in The World is Coming Soon

William D. Gann 
Gann Techniques Trading Course

 W. D. Gann said: "Speculation or investment can be the 'best' business in the world if you make a 'real' business of it. But in order to make a success at it you must study and be prepared and not guess, follow inside information, or depend on hope and fear. If you do you will fail. Your trading success depends on knowing the right kind or rules and following them." W.D. Gann (From his Commodity Trading Course)

William D. Gann, aka W. D. Gann, made some sensational predictions including the prediction of the 1929/1932 Wall Street crash a year ahead of the September 1929 fall. In front of the press he made 1000% on his original capital over a period of a month! He showed how he converted a $3,000 1915 investment in US Steel into $6,800,000 in 1935! He forecasted the 1930's depression and the US entry in World War II in 1940. He is reputed to have forecasted the winning numbers of the New York lottery on several occasions. He is reputed to have taken an average of $1,000,000 p.a. from the stock markets over a 50-year time period. This is a short list of achievements which are truly impressive. So impressive that in the early 1930's he was able to charge $5,000 for his course. An amount that would have purchased a very impressive home in the 1930's.
Aspect ith dynamic gann wheel

Price & Time

Cycle Analysis

Sextile and Trine

Candlesticks,gann angle & aspect

Simple Gann Cycle

Dynamic Gann Wheel

Declination Cycle

Gann Fan Angles

Gann Cardinal

Gann Hexagon

Gann Wheel


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